starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill

Friends forever on PUSH GIRLS

What a wild ride it’s been this season on PUSH GIRLS, and who else is super excited about the season two renewal? We hope that you laughed, cried, learned and loved with us over the course of this season, and along the way, maybe some of your ideas about living with disability were broken down, too. What stands out about Auti, Angela, Tiphany, Mia and Chelsie isn’t their chairs: It’s their personalities and the strong bonds among them.

Again and again this season we’ve encountered the same theme: friendship and connections. This is a group of women who came together with shared traits, but they’ve built something much bigger than that, and they have true bonds of friendship. Whether they’re cheering each other on at sports events or helping each other move, the push girls care about each other, and that friendship helps them be stronger. It seems like most shows about groups of women focus on how catty and mean they are; PUSH GIRLS thumbs its nose at the trend.

And their caring extends to their other relationships, too. Many people think life is isolating for wheelchair users, but these ladies certainly aren’t isolated, from one another or from society. They have loving friends and partners all around them who benefit from the connections between them, even as the women watch out for each other and make sure their new acquaintances and partners pass muster. Push girls have each others’ backs and they’re always ready for anything with friends around.

Watching Angela and Cody in “Breaking Back In,” I was struck, as was Mia, by the potential tensions that can arise in relationships where the line between boyfriend and caregiver can sometimes be blurry. When you have an intimate relationship with a care provider like Auntie Judy, that also becomes part of the balance of the relationships in your life. Navigating these kinds of boundaries can be tough, and it can really help to have a friend who’s been there to help you make the right choices and support your decisions as you make them.

There’s a push girl inside everyone, even if sometimes you need to a dig a little bit to find her. Sometimes, having a friend along for the ride can really help, and that’s my big takeaway from this season.

Favorite quote, from Auti: “Having good friends is very important. Especially my girls.”

PUSH GIRLS will be back next season!