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Top 10 weirdest speed dating concepts

In a busy world, it can be tough to make time to find a partner. That’s why some genius invented speed dating, and some people are really pushing the limits when it comes to creativity in that department. Goodbye gongs, hello rare culinary ingredients. This is speed dating for the 21st century.

10. Edwardian-themed Football Speed Dating

Say that ten times fast, and pick a suitable pseudonym so you can prepare to play table football with a random mate, all while living in the Golden Age (without the hideously restrictive bathing suits). Beware: Small talk is strictly banned, but at least you can work out nerves with your competitive streak.

9. Rollercoaster Speed Dating

If you like some adrenaline with your speed dating, you’ll definitely want to give it a go by roller coaster. At Alton Towers, a theme park in the UK, participants have only a few seconds to make their speed dating match. Plus side: You don’t have to stare across a table in agony for five minutes if you hate your partner. Minus: You might puke on someone you like.

8. Eye Gazing

Feeling shy? How about an eye gazing party, a popular trend in some cities like New York and London? Look deep into the eyes of your partner to see if you make a connection, but don’t speak! And be prepared to feel uncomfortable; prolonged periods of eye gazing can be surprisingly intense. Giggling may be frowned upon, so you’ll have to come up with another way to dispel the tension. I recommend thinking about your great aunt Gertie’s collection of ceramic turtles. (Image via sincerelykerbie)

7. ComicCon Speed Dating

Speed dating at ComicCon, and other geeky events, has become so successful that it spawned a TLC special, Geek Love. For geeks, it’s the ideal environment to let your freak flag fly and meet like-minded individuals; and the cosplay is hard to beat. For once, you don’t have to hide your Magic cards, impressive collection of Star Wars action figures, and heated debates over remakes versus originals. You might just meet the perfect geek girl (or boy) for you between panels featuring your favorite actors, creators, and more.

6. Sugar Daddy Speed Dating

Sugar babies looking for their next sugar daddy need seek no further than a, you guessed it, sugar daddy speed dating event. Watch out; you may need to show your credentials at the door. Most sugar daddy dating agencies take their responsibilities very seriously, and in addition to vetting any proposed sugar daddies to make sure they meet minimum wealth standards, they’re quite choosy about their sugar babies as well. In short: Be pretty or rich to get a seat at the table. (Image via Thomas Hawk)

5. Dancing Speed Dating

Don’t want to sit down? You’ll want to attend a dancing speed dating event, where participants take a turn or two around the dance floor for a chat before swapping partners, much like a  Jane Austen book, but without the frocks. Some even offer dancing instruction beforehand for those who may not feel confident in their dancing skills, or who want a little refresher. How very civilized, unless your partner has a penchant for toe-stepping. (Image via Robin)

4. Bar Safari

In the UK, people can combine bar crawling and speed dating in one with a Bar Safari, where blokes troll through host bars to meet the ladies waiting for them there. In addition to meeting women, you’ll also need to bust out your navigation skills, because you may be led on a merry chase from featured bar to featured bar. Assuming you’re not too drunk to remember at the end of the night (tip: make sure to balance those pints with an order of fish and chips), presumably you can pick up a phone number or two. (Photo via Andy)

3. Culinary Speed Dating

If you’re a farmer looking for a very special chef so you can make magic happen in the kitchen, you’ll definitely want to attend a culinary speed dating event, where restaurateurs and the sources of their food meet up and see if they make a match. Farmers bring their best offerings and lay them out while chefs make a circuit of the room to talk produce prices, flavor profiles, and delivery terms. It’s a great chance for both parties to strut their stuff and build lasting partnerships, and that works out well for those of us who enjoy eating the proceeds. (Photo via Shinsuke Ikegame)

2. Library Speed Dating

Looking to boost falling circulation numbers, some libraries have turned to speed dating nights to give their patrons something to come out for in the evening hours. Meet up with fellow bookworms, start a book club, chat up that pretty girl with the awesome tights and a copy of Gravity’s Rainbow, and, hey, while you’re at it, support your local library. The participation cost is low: All you need is a library card! Make sure to bring your Proust book bag. (Photo by Heidi Schumann for the New York Times)

1. Bunny Speed Dating

When all else fails and you’re convinced you’ll live alone, there’s speed dating for your bunny. Yes, you read that right. Rabbit rescues around the country sponsor periodic events to give bunnies a chance to meet each other and find their forever homes — under adult supervision, of course. Many welcome guests interested in house rabbits, and they can hook you up with all the details you need on keeping a happy, healthy bunny around the house. Who knows, along the way, you might meet a human partner too. (Photo via Abdul Al Khalifa)

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