starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill

PUSH GIRLS premieres tonight at 10P…are you ready?

PUSH GIRLS is getting a lot of buzz because we’re finally getting a show about fierce women with disabilities that isn’t solely focused on the disability experience, but rather on women’s experiences. I’ve already seen the first episode and, trust me, it’s everything I’ve been hoping for and more, because PUSH GIRLS is ready to scare the horses when it comes to confronting women’s issues, talking about what it’s like to be a middle class woman in Los Angeles struggling with dating, employment, and fertility while navigating disability as well. In a media landscape where women’s lives rarely get a chance to enjoy center stage, it’s refreshing to see a show focusing on women and their relationships with each other and I’m jazzed for everyone who will be seeing the premiere tonight.

Mia, Auti, Angela, Chelsie, and Tiphany are beautiful, strong, powerful women (I think someone made a mistake compiling the Top 10 Girls Kicking Ass and Taking Names…) with amazing and fascinating lives. This is not a “disability” show, but a women’s show, and it also happens to be tons of fun along the way. Seeing the girls together is a wonderful testament to friendship and the connections forged between women, and their distinctive personalities stand out so much already that I’m excited to get to know them as the series progresses. I love seeing women supporting each other as friends on PUSH GIRLS, in a marked departure from the mean girl stereotype.

It’s totally awesome to get to celebrate women’s lives, work, and friendships, front and center. They’re stronger because they are together, whether they’re working out or giving each other some much-needed relationship advice. There’s a little bit of push girl in all of us waiting to come out, given enough nudging, and I hope viewers find theirs watching PUSH GIRLS (need a little help or know someone who does? There’s an app for that).

If I may have a moment of unrepentant squee, I also have to admit that, as a long-time fan of Auti’s work, I was really squirming with eagerness when I heard she was going to be part of the project, because her dancing is absolutely incredible. We’ll be seeing a lot more of it in episode two and beyond, but here’s a taste of Auti’s amazingness on the dance floor to wet your whistle:

Girl power, am I right? Representation can be nine tenths of the battle when it comes to getting disabled people out there and helping nondisabled people see that we really are just like them; we struggle to pay our mortgages, find jobs, and find partners just like everyone else. As Mia put it when she and Angela dropped in on Ellen last week, there is a cure for ignorance; and in this case, the doctor orders a regular dose of PUSH GIRLS!

There’s plenty more where that came from on PUSH GIRLS, let me tell you. We are going to laugh, cry, and love with these ladies this summer, and you’d better be there (or be square). If you’ve ever been told you can’t do something, ordered to sit in the corner while the adults are talking, or informed you’re being unrealistic—PUSH GIRLS is the show for you.

Are you ready to push YOUR limits?

If you can’t stand up, stand out! PUSH GIRLS premieres on Monday, June 4th at 10P!