starring Angela Rockwood, Tiphany Adams, Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz and Chelsie Hill
About Push Girls Season 2
Love. Betrayal. Drama. Getting what you want out of life isn’t easy - especially while using a wheelchair. This season, Auti finds herself embroiled in conflict as her marriage and friendships unravel. Tiphany falls in love and begins a search for her missing sister. Mia confronts emotional demons while jumping back into dating. Angela shifts her modeling career into high gear and takes new steps toward independence. Chelsie experiences extreme highs and lows with home life and rehabilitation.

Episode 1 - Strange Love
In the throes of a divorce from her husband, Angela faces an uncertain future. Auti and Eric find themselves fighting to save their troubled marriage. And Tiphany’s newfound independence leads her to a surprising new romance.
Episode 2 - Betrayed
Jealousy flares when Chelsie quits Auti’s wheelchair dance team to form her own group, and Mia gets caught in the middle. Angela is faced with another major life change when Aunt Judy makes a difficult decision and she is forced to find a new nurse.
Episode 3 - Surprising News
Chelsie is enjoying a serious relationship and hopes to walk again using breakthrough technology. Angela pursues a new modeling job, which leads to a transformative decision. Sparks are flying between Tiphany & her new girlfriend but will it last?
Episode 4 - Tiphany's Missing Sister Part 1
Tiphany hires a private investigator to track down her sister, a drug-addicted mother of two who has gone missing. Auti begins mentoring a recently paralyzed young man. Tired of being single, Mia opens herself up to love – but will she find it?
Episode 5 - Tiphany's Missing Sister Part 2
Tiphany locates her sister and stages an intervention. Will she agree to rehab? Auti & Eric return to marriage counseling but face an uphill battle. Angela discovers the thrill and challenges of adaptive driving as she prepares for her driver’s test.
Episode 6 - Sex Ed
Auti recruits Angela to co-lead a sex ed class for the newly disabled and the conversation takes an unexpected turn. Chelsie hopes her bitterly divorced parents can find a way to be civil. Mia wonders if a friendship could be something more.
Episode 7 - How Dare You!
When Mia’s mother and aunt show up to join her for an important medical test, simmering emotions erupt. Chelsie begins to sense tension with Raymond and struggles to find peace. Tiphany brings Liz to meet her sister, but will she approve?
Episode 8 - Escape to Mexico
Tiphany invites the girls to Mexico for her 30th birthday. Their adventurous itinerary forces Angela to confront her fears and brings Auti & Chelsie together after months of not speaking. Plus a daring gesture by Barak leaves Mia speechless.
Episode 9 - Love Me of Leave Me
Barak finally reveals how he feels about Mia. Angela causes a stir when she disappears on a spontaneous adventure with Chelsie. Auti works on putting Eric front and center. Tiphany attempts to heal emotional wounds between her mother & sister.
Episode 10 - Season Finale
Angela takes her driving test and brings independence within reach. Auti and Eric try to rekindle their flame. Chelsie is approached by a publisher to write a novel based on her life story. The girls visit a racetrack for some high-speed adventure.