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Cast Members

Ulla Nillson

A fifth generation potter, Ulla Nillson has been working in ceramics for over thirty years finding inspiration in the Swedish countryside’s nature as well as in her family’s homemade ceramics. Attracted by the region’s clay, Ulla’s family came to Stortorpet in the mid-eighteen hundreds. Ulla’s great great grandfather built the area’s first pottery where they produced kitchenware and tools for farmers. Ulla’s great granduncle then built his house – where Ulla currently resides – and pottery workshop, which was recently restored and furnished with the support of the government. Ulla grew up spending time in the pottery learning from her family as well as attending Konstfack University to become an art teacher. Ulla carries on her family’s tradition most notably with the “hammering” technique in which she uses a pin to make tiny pricks into the surface of her pieces.

FEATURED ITEMS - Ceramic plates, platters, cups and bowls