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Nacho Carbonello

Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell graduated at the Spanish university Cardenal Herrera C.E.U. in 2003 and the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007. In addition to Rossana Orlandi’s gallery Nacho’s work has been exhibited all over the world including in Japan, South Korea, the US, France and Australia. Nacho won Designer of the Future by the DesignMiami Basel in Switzerland in 2009, the same year his Lover’s Chair bench was nominated for Design of the year by the Design Museum London. Nacho’s work is even admired by celebrities -- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought one of his Tree Chairs for their brood. Nacho’s Evolution Bench and Lover’s Chair are part of his Evolution collection, creations where one can escape and digest the saturation of information that permeates through society. His pieces are made using recycled paper coming from the excess information produced by society and then paper-mâchéd over an iron frame covered with chicken wire. Nacho currently works with his team of people at a 20th century church in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, were he has established his studio.

-Evolution Bench & Lover’s Chair