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Cast Members

Annalena Edman-Ylven

Annalena’s interest in the magical world was sparked by her father’s stories of growing up in Lapland and the folk stories from that area. She had always been interested in crafts and with knitting and dyeing fabric, but spent several years working in other areas before being asked to create a felt creature as a symbol for a skiing championship in 1988. The creatures were a great hit, and Annalena has been at work creating them ever since. She makes gnomes, goblins, trolls, and birds with a method called ‘dry felting.’ Dry felting involves using a special needle to press the wool fibers into a ball, and then sculpting the wool. Her company, Nordic Natural Essence, sells at craft fairs around Sweden, and she also does presentations in schools around the country.

FEATURED ITEMS - Felt gnomes and trolls - Felt birds