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Isabella Rossellini’s Top 5 “MAMMAS” Videos, According to YouTube

As we get ready to celebrate our own mammas, let’s not forget these Isabella Rossellini videos which have been honoring the mammas of the animal kingdom for year. From cuckoos who willingly hand off their young to fierce wasps who serve live animals as baby food, these mothers go the distance to provide for their offspring. But let’s face it—we all have our favorite. Here are the top 5 mammas, as decided by YouTube.

1. Hamster: 115k views
Hamster mammas have up to 10 babies at a time. Sometimes, mamma will take drastic measures keep up her strength to care for the others…

2. Toad: 10.5k views
Unlike the mammas that carry one big baby in their bellies, toad mammas are redefining the concept of multiple births!

3. Wasp: 10.3k views
Wasp mammas provide nourishment to their babies by paralyzing caterpillars and burying them alive with their wasp eggs. Yum, fresh meat!

4. Cichlid Fish: 8k views
Cichlid fish mammas store their eggs in their mouths, so that’s where Cichlid fathers have to fertilize them. Naughty!

5. Cuckoo: 7k views
Mamma cuckoos lead a busy life. That’s where the babysitters of the avian world come in…

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