Ludo Bites America

Episode 6: Ludo Bites Redondo Beach


Ludo and Krissy travel to the West Coast to put their stamp on the seaside haven of Redondo Beach, California, but they soon find the sunny, laid back atmosphere can take a turn for the dramatic. Here, Mexican food is just as popular as fresh-caught fare from the Pacific, but the SoCal tradition of fusing the two cuisines leads to the best of both culinary worlds. To do his version of this gastronomic mash-up, Chef Ludo enlists the kitchen of Redondo Beach mainstay, Casa Pulido. But between the maverick menu and their largest seating ever, things may just fall apart as tempers flare both inside and outside the restaurant (where protesters picket a controversial dish). Krissy does her best to help Casa Pulido to step up their business and keep it together … but this is one meal that may never get its just desserts.