Ludo Bites America

Episode 2: Ludo Bites Omaha


Big ambition meets Big Mama as Ludo and Krissy head to the heartland to open their touring pop-up restaurant. Omaha, Nebraska may be the former home of the world’s largest cattle market, but a visit to Big Mama’s Kitchen inspires them to think ‘soul food’ instead of ‘where’s the beef’. Ludo and Krissy aim to do something unique and memorable, but their proposed menu of down home classics prepared with a French twist is a stretch even for 5-star chef Ludo. Plus, Patricia “Big Mama” Barron and her daughter, Gladys, have certainly never had to deal with a foreign presence in their kitchen, especially a fiery Frenchman who wants to shake things up. Who will be left standing when these big culinary personalities go head-to-head in the kitchen?