Ludo Bites America

Episode 3: Ludo Bites Mobile


Mobile, Alabama is home to great Gulf Coast seafood, but the devastation of the recent oil spill has turned the town’s biggest industry into unappetizing fare. Enter Ludo and Krissy, the 5-star couple opening pop-up restaurants across the country. After scouting the scene, they team up with Carolyn Mathers of local lunch spot, Queen G’s Cafe, to put his high-end spin on Southern comfort food. One of their hardest challenges yet, Ludo and Krissy do battle with missing ingredients, an inexperienced staff, and a kitchen better suited for home cooking than a 3-course tasting menu. It’s down to the wire as they try to raise some fried favorites to new heights and reignite the beleaguered community’s passion for food.