Love Lust

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Norma Kamali


Norma Kamali has always been known as an innovative designer who follows her own path. A designer who has invented designs such as the Sleeping Bag Coat, a collection created from actual parachutes and packable, multi-use clothing, some of which can be worn up to 30 different ways. Her swimwear has influenced an entire industry each season since its launch in 1974. Her sweats collection acted as an influential force in launching the casual lifestyle way of dressing which is now seen around the world. Many of her designs remain as popular today as from the time they were originally introduced leading to the phrase "timeless" being attached to nearly everything she does. Kamali’s passion for creating new ideas remains as strong now as it was when she began designing over 40 years ago. She distributes her own line, OMO Made in the USA, to specialty stores around the world. Her website was launched in 1995 and offers all styles using a service called "Try Before You Buy." In 1985, Norma developed the first modern two-part fragrance for men and women. Shortly after, in 1993, she developed a no-foundation skin care collection for healthy glowing skin highlighting the eyes, lips and cheeks. Her wellness collection incorporates fitness, health and beauty utilizing the wellness caf