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Malia Mills


The youngest of six kids, Malia Mills was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to Etna, New Hampshire when she was thirteen. Mills graduated, despite failing her first pattern making class, from Cornell University. She also studied in Paris at La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. There, Mills learned traditional techniques of draping, pattern making, sewing and finishing. In 1993, Mills bid adieu to her assistant designer job at counter culture wedding dress guru Jessica McClintock, loaded up her 1985 Toyota 4 x 4 pickup truck and drove from San Francisco to New York City. Moonlighting as a waitress, Mills launched her eponymous swimwear company. Mills’ idea was simple: to engineer tops by bra size, to cut bottoms to show off a variety of shapes, to empower women to stand and stride to the water. “If women had to buy their underwear as a same-sized set surely there would be rioting in the streets!” Today, the Malia Mills designer collection includes her signature swimwear created for the vixen within, as well as a fresh collection of ready to wear and delicious accessories. All things Malia Mills are lovingly Made in America and curated in nine Malia Mills boutiques across America. Mills runs the business from the heart of the Garment Center in New York City with her sister Carol and an extraordinary team. Mills is honored to be a member of the CFDA, Council of Fashion Designers of America. In 2005, Malia Mills won a first place award for Business Success, Entrepreneurial Success and Contribution to Success for Women from the NYC Commission on Women's Issues. Mills is passionate about celebrating women and articulating an inclusive and inspiring voice on the subject of women and beauty. The Malia mills mantra? Love thy differences!™ For more about Malia Mills please visit our website,, and don’t forget to check out our blog,