“LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 4 (Dirty Talk and Stolen Identities)

By Geoff Blain

Loredana may be an ace criminal defense attorney, but when it comes to her personal life, our gal rarely catches a break. While packing to leave town for some much-needed rest and relaxation with Robert and Rocco (gotta love the alliteration), LD gets a call from her friend Kerry Oandasan, who is in jail. To no one’s surprise, LD drops what she’s doing, cancels the trip, and rushes to jail to try to make sense of what‘s happened to her friend. After some discussion, LD, Booker and I realize this is going to occupy quite a block of time as Kerry is facing six felonies – two for identity theft, two for burglary and one each for forgery and credit card fraud. Plus, a $250K bail. All of this on a single mom of four with no priors who decided to go out shopping with her old friend AJ.

Next up: Fred Lundgren. Fred owns a broker-type radio station where people can buy airtime to launch their programs. Fred was approached by a man named Tim Burke who, according to protocol, paid Fred $50K and submitted an outline for a cutting-edge political talk show. Shortly after the show aired, Fred’s station received myriad obscenity complaints against the program, so Fred decided to break his contract with Tim in order to avoid FCC involvement. Tim is now suing Fred for $800K for breach of contract. LD decides to take a look at the contract but is convinced that unless there’s a force majeure clause, Fred is going to have to pay.

At the arraignment, LD asks for Kerry’s release on her own recognizance, which is granted by the judge. Also, this is the first time LD is able to get a look at the entire discovery package. What does she learn? Well, the bail was set so high because the police found stolen credit cards in Kerry’s purse. LD confronts Kerry, who is clueless as to how the stolen cards got into her purse. LD takes her back to the scene of the crime with the hope that a reenactment will somehow reveal how this happened. LD’s fur is up as she’s not convinced that Kerry is telling her the complete truth. Booker and I stop by the restaurant where AJ and Kerry had lunch prior to shopping, and the waitress remembers that AJ tried to use a bad card. After some investigating, Booker finds out that AJ has served time for similar crimes and is currently on probation.

Meanwhile, I head back to the office to look for any force majeure language in the contract between Fred and Tim. No luck. LD and I then head to Fred’s station to listen to tapes of Tim’s show: it’s beyond vulgar, hugely racist and filled with language deemed offensive by FCC v. Pacifica. LD talks to an FCC lawyer and is told that if Fred had continued to air the show he most likely would have lost his license and been fined. Fred had good reason to pull the show. 

LD gets Bob Levy – it’s ALWAYS a fun day when Bob shows up at the office – to prepare Fred for the trial. Fred reacts emotionally since there’s a lot at stake for him. LD and Bob teach him to keep his cool.

LD and I view the video from the surveillance camera at the store where Kerry was arrested. We don’t see anything concrete. LD decides she’s going to see how AJ reacts if she tells him that the video shows him putting the stolen credit cards in Kerry’s purse. When she does so, he confesses. She gets him to write out a declaration admitting his guilt but Kerry is not out of the woods. The judge may not believe the former boyfriend. After all, he’s a criminal.

Fred has his day in court. LD plays the offensive tapes. The judge and his clerk are clearly disturbed by them. Fred gets off with just having to pay a prorated refund of $24K – a clear win.
 LD goes to Kerry’s pre-trial. She presents the declaration from the boyfriend. The DA argues that it’s no good, but the judge agrees with LD and Kerry gets off with a three-year probation. Kerry’s ecstatic.

Two more wins and our girl is still on top! Now, it’s time to head home and do some domestic damage control.

LOREDANA, ESQ. airs Mondays 9PM/8c. Check out the sneak peak below for Episode 5: Don’t Come Home In a Body Bag.