Starring Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) and Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four)
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Liar Recap: Episode 105 (Check Mate)


Tom (Warren Brown) gives Laura (Joanne Froggatt) a vial of GHP in his car. Laura describes her plan to break into the hospital locker room using Katy’s (Zoë Tapper) key card and plant the GHP in Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) locker. Tom offers to meet her outside the hospital and help execute the plan. Laura finds Katy’s umbrella in Tom’s car. Tom awkwardly explains that Katy left it in the car after he gave her a ride from the hospital.

Tom calls Katy and leaves a message, asking her to call him.

A doctor examines Detective Vanessa Harmon (Shelley Conn) and tells her the baby is fine but that she has abrasions in her vagina. Detective Harmon realizes Andrew raped her and asks to be tested for GHP.

Laura stops by Katy’s house to steal Katy’s key card and return the umbrella. Laura realizes that Katy and Tom had an affair after Katy offers a different explanation for losing the umbrella from what Tom told her. Katy tries to apologize but Laura storms out of the house. Katy sits Liam (Richie Campbell) down to tell him about the affair.

The doctor calls Detective Harmon and informs her that GHP was not detected in her system.

Tom calls Laura to let her know he’s waiting for her at the hospital. Laura confronts him about the affair and hangs up. She drinks alone at a bar.

Detective Rory Maxwell (Danny Webb) checks in with Detective Harmon after noticing her distracted mood. Detective Harmon insists she’s fine.

Katy tries to call Liam, who walked out upon learning about the affair. She also tries calling Laura but gets no answer.

Laura keeps drinking at the bar. She stumbles home drunk and wakes up the next morning with a flashback to the morning after her rape.

Andrew stops by the home of Sylvia (Eileen Davies), who is being looked after by her caretaker, Mia (Ivana Basic). He goes to a backyard shed where he stores various belongings. He stashes a duffel bag containing vials of clear liquid, memory cards and a camcorder.

Laura visits a therapist and describes her feelings of rage toward Andrew. The therapist encourages her to let go of the anger before it consumes her. Laura walks out in the middle of the session.

Andrew turns on the camcorder in the shed and watches footage from one of his rapes. He starts to get aroused but quickly hides the camera when Mia comes looking for him.

Detective Harmon becomes emotional as she tries to comfort a victim in the midst of a rape trial. She calls Detective Maxwell.

Liam goes to live with his mother while Katy looks for another place to live. Katy begs him to stay but Liam refuses.

Laura angrily breaks her bathroom mirror and squeezes a shard of glass, cutting herself.

Laura meets Andrew at a bar and tells him she’s ready to withdraw her accusations. She drunkenly stumbles outside and scratches him as he walks to his car. Andrew becomes unsteady from the GHP that Laura slipped in his drink . Laura throws him in the back seat of his car and drives him to the boathouse.

Detective Harmon cries into Detective Maxwell’s arms after telling him about the rape. He vows to lock Andrew away. Detective Harmon suggests they find records for the security tracker on Andrew’s car to prove he was in her house.

Andrew wakes up at the boathouse and finds himself tied to a post.

Detective Harmon leaves a message with Detective Maxwell while viewing his car tracker on her laptop. She informs him that Andrew’s car was not at her house on the night of the rape but that it is mysteriously parked near the marshes.

Laura threatens to cut off Andrew’s penis. She reaches inside her pocket and rushes at him. He cowers. She laughs in his face and, instead of a knife, pulls out her smart phone to show him Catherine’s photo.

Andrew tells Laura that he encouraged his wife to commit suicide. He says that she constantly sought his approval and that he wanted women with more “spark.” Laura reveals her plan to tell police that he brought her to the boathouse and tied her up, using DNA on the rope as evidence. Andrew breaks free of his bonds and chases her outside.

Andrew grabs Laura and throws her to the ground. Detective Harmon arrives in her car. Andrew correctly points out that he can’t be arrested with GHP in his system. As he walks away, Detective Harmon screams at him and warns him that her house is being searched for evidence of his DNA.

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