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Episode Guide


Season 9

Cherished - Episode 1

The investigation into a girl's death reveals secrets the adoptive family was desperately trying to hide.

DWB - Episode 2

Detectives discover a shocking twist involving unlikely suspects when they investigate the brutal beating of a black man dumped near the highway.

Bait - Episode 3

A robbery/assault victim feeds the police half-truths leading to the discovery of the cold-blooded murder of a young girl.

Flight - Episode 4

The death of a boy from an injection of a lethal flu sends detectives Briscoe and Curtis and prosecutors McCoy and Carmichael after the murderer.

Agony - Episode 5

A serial killer confesses to new crimes, and McCoy and Carmichael face a moral dilemma when they learn they have the wrong man.

Scrambled - Episode 6

The death of a female embryologist at a fertility clinic leads Briscoe and Curtis on a search for a desperate killer.

Venom - Episode 7

The shooting death of a young escort prompts an investigation into high society in New York, while McCoy and Carmichael track down career criminals.

Shield - Episode 17

Briscoe and Curtis investigate a possible homicide while probing the assult of a retired divorce attorney.

Juvenile - Episode 18

Detectives link the shooting of an investigative reporter to a sensationalized murder case, closed 20 years earlier.

Tabula Rasa - Episode 19

Family secrets unravel when detectives look for motives for a college professor being thrown into the path of a subway train.

Empire - Episode 20

Briscoe and Curtis investigate a corporate mogul's death, caused by an overdose of a drug that enhances sexual performance.

Ambitious - Episode 21

When the murder of an audio-system installer links to the mob, McCoy's office must ensure witnesses' safety.