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Episode Guide


Season 7


Causa Mortis - Episode 1

McCoy and his new partner, D.A. Jamie Ross, handle a difficult case involving a carjacking and murder.

I.D. - Episode 2

The detectives investigate a case involving a woman who was killed for her identity by her own sister.

Good Girl - Episode 3

A young woman of Italian descent changes her story when her fingerprints turn up at the apartment of a murdered black college student.

Survivor - Episode 4

In a twisting, turning whodunit, Briscoe and Curtis (Jerry Orbach, Benjamin Bratt) investigate the murder of a rare-coin dealer. With Sam Waterston, Carey Lowell, S. Epatha Merkerson and Steven Hill.

Corruption - Episode 5

A crooked cop testifies against Briscoe after the detectives are involved in a botched drug-bust leading to a drug-dealer's death.

Double Blind - Episode 6

A mentally ill college student participating in experimental drug research becomes a suspect in a janitor's murder.

Deadbeat - Episode 7

Briscoe and Curtis investigate the murder of an underhanded used-car salesman who was wanted for unpaid child support.

Family Business - Episode 8

Briscoe and Curtis become embroiled in a bitter case of family rivalry when they investigate the murder of a wealthy department store owner's son-in-law.

Entrapment - Episode 9

The FBI intervenes in the detectives' investigation of the attempted murder of an African-American Congress leader.

Legacy - Episode 10

The assassination attempt on a family man forces detectives to reopen a 5-year-old case once ruled accidental.

Menace - Episode 11

The detectives seek evidence to prove an apparent suicide is really a murder linked to an insurance scam.

Barter - Episode 12

A case of mistaken identity results in the murders of two women; tensions arise between McCoy and Ross when a hunch helps McCoy nab a loan shark.

Matrimony - Episode 13

Several suspects stand to gain from the untimely death of a very young woman's wealthy elderly husband.

Working Mom - Episode 14

Evidence in a former police officer's murder leads to a suburban housewife represented by women's rights attorney Lanie Stieglitz.

D-Girl - Episode 15

The detectives' murder case involving a high-powered studio executive leads them to Hollywood; back East, Ross learns the suspect has hired her ex-husband.

Turnaround - Episode 16

The murder victim's ex-husband enters rehab just as police are about to arrest him; McCoy butts heads with a judge in Los Angeles.

Showtime - Episode 17

Law clerks discover a tape that incriminates a new suspect; Ross tricks her ex-husband into discussing a plea.

Mad Dog - Episode 18

McCoy tries to return a parolee to prison when he believes the serial rapist committed a murder after his early release.

Double Down - Episode 19

McCoy tries to sidestep a plea bargain he made with a dangerous suspect in order to see justice done.

We Like Mike - Episode 20

After being a suspect himself, a key witness becomes uncooperative with prosecutors when his wedding is ruined by his arrest.

Passion - Episode 21

McCoy and Ross must sort it out when the death of an editor points to a scorned girlfriend but might be a cover-up.

Past Imperfect - Episode 22

The death of a former cover girl leads detectives to unearth secrets the woman was desperately trying to hide.

Terminal - Episode 23

Probing an anti-Semitic shooting spree at a posh fund-raiser, Briscoe and Curtis unearth more-personal motives.