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Episode Guide


Season 5

Coma - Episode 2

The bullet in a comatose woman's brain could prove her husband was the assailant.

Blue Bamboo - Episode 3

A Japanese businessman's murder points to an actress claiming to be the victim of white slavery.

Competence - Episode 6

Van Buren comes under investigation after shooting two young men who accosted her at an ATM.

Guardian - Episode 11

An accountant is arrested for the drug-related death of a client, a socialite's estranged daughter.

Progeny - Episode 12

An anti-abortion organizer faces prosecution when a follower shoots a doctor who performs abortions.

Rage - Episode 13

A stockbroker with a shady past is investigated when an executive is murdered.

Seed - Episode 15

A woman's attempt to kill her husband is linked to a fertility doctor.

Wannabe - Episode 16

A gifted young man is investigated when a trustee at a boys school is killed.

Act of God - Episode 17

The detectives suspect a demolitions expert in a construction-site explosion that kills a boy.

Switch - Episode 22

The psychiatrist of a young woman with multiple personalities is murdered.