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Episode Guide


Season 4

Sweeps - Episode 1

A man kills his son's molester on a talk show; Stone prosecutes the host for facilitating it.

Discord - Episode 3

A rape case involves a coed and a rock star known for lyrics degrading to women.

Profile - Episode 4

A white man arrested for a series of racial attacks hires a famous black attorney.

Black Tie - Episode 5

Children of a slain real-estate baron hire detectives to prove the man's widow committed the crime.

Apocrypha - Episode 7

Acting for a cult, a woman is killed planting a car bomb; Stone goes after the cult leader.

Born Bad - Episode 9

Briscoe and Logan investigate the death of a boy killed by his foster brother.

Breeder - Episode 13

Found unconscious, a woman claims she gave birth in a cab and the baby was kidnapped.

Censure - Episode 14

A judge prosecuted for harassing an ex-lover claims he is a victim of another vendetta.

Kids - Episode 15

Trying to shoot a drug dealer he saw kill, a teen accidentally kills a bystander.

Nurture - Episode 20

Search for a missing girl leads the detectives to an eccentric former teacher.

Doubles - Episode 21

A professional tennis player's wrist is broken after a practice session with a teammate and rival.