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Episode Guide


Season 12

Who Let the Dogs Out - Episode 1

When a jogger is mauled to death by a dog in Central Park, Briscoe and Green trace the vicious animal to a prisoner serving time in Attica.

Armed Forces - Episode 2

Briscoe and Green discover conflicting information about a down-and-out Vietnam veteran who is murdered.

Possession - Episode 5

The detectives sort through a murdered tenant's long-running battle with her landlord in order to find a possible suspect.

3 Dawg Night - Episode 9

When a guest winds up dead at a club, the detectives believe that a popular rapper has something to do with the murder.

Prejudice - Episode 10

To solve the murder of a black publisher, the detectives reconstruct an arguement he had with a man over a taxi.

The Collar - Episode 11

Briscoe and Green search for a suspect with a grudge against God after a priest is murdered while taking a confession.

Missing - Episode 14

Frantic parents urge detectives to find their missing 24-year-old daughter, who worked as an aide to a state senator.

Access Nation - Episode 15

The Internet and computer files are linked to the vicious stabbing death of a female psychologist during a probe by Detectives Briscoe and Green.

Born Again - Episode 16

A troubled girl suffocates when her adoptive mother and an unlicensed counselor resort to an extreme therapy simulating birth.

Girl Most Likely - Episode 17

When a teenager is murdered, the detectives suspect two male classmates who resented her exposing their pornographic Web site.

Equal Rights - Episode 18

The detectives investigate the murder of an investment analyst who was recommending stock in a company now in high-profile bankruptcy.

Slaughter - Episode 19

Briscoe and Green probe the stabbing death of a young activist who was investigation a beef supplier known for operating in unsanitary conditions.

Dazzled - Episode 20

When the young wife of an investment banker plunges to her death, the discovery of a controlled substance in her system leads the murder investigation to several people displeased with the marriage.

Foul Play - Episode 21

A coach, a youth-baseball player and a desperate father are the prime suspects in the murder of a private investigator.

Attorney Client - Episode 22

When murder strikes the family of a defense attorney, the detectives compile a list of suspects that includes a disgruntled client (Lord Jamar) and a former lover (Annie Parisse) with a dangerous ex-boyfriend.

Oxymoron - Episode 23

Deals complicate a murder investigation when a mob boss' son offers to incriminate his father, while the father counters with information.

Patriot - Episode 24

When a man suspects a neighbor is a terrorist waiting to strike, he resorts to vigilantism, then says he acted in self-defense.