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Episode Guide


Season 11

Endurance - Episode 1

A boy with severe disabilities dies from smoke inhalation in a suspicious fire in an apartment building.

Dissonance - Episode 3

Briscoe and Green investigate the murder of a young violinist whose fellow musicians resented her rapid rise to fame.

Standoff - Episode 4

The stabbing death of a gang leader in a prison scuffle has Briscoe and Green looking at both inmates and corrections officers as possible suspects.

Burn Baby Burn - Episode 6

A former Black Panther accused of murdering a Caucasian police officer questions Detective Green's integrity while a politically charged trial ensues.

Amends - Episode 7

The detectives uncover new evidence implicating a wealthy scion in the murder of a teenage girl 20 years earlier.

Thin Ice - Episode 8

The beating death of a young hockey coach leads Briscoe and Green to suspect a player with with an inclination for rough play.

Hubris - Episode 9

A charming real-estate broker accused of murder defends himself and manages to get key evidence thrown out of the trial.

Teenage Wasteland - Episode 12

McCoy seeks the death penalty in the case of a teenager accused of murdering a restaurant owner during an ill-fated delivery.

Phobia - Episode 13

A gay man is murdered and his adopted son taken in a case that first looks like a kidnapping until the facts uncover the possibilty of a hate crime.

A Losing Season - Episode 14

A pro basketball player is a suspect in a shooting that killed a pregnant banker and left her fetus clinging to life.

Bronx Cheer - Episode 16

While investigating a murder, Briscoe and Green discover their prime suspect may be guilty of a homicide another man has been convicted of.

Ego - Episode 17

A rising politician is suspected in the murder of a state investigator after Briscoe and Green discover he had a relationship with her.

White Lie - Episode 18

A drugs-and-money trail leads to a woman whose military husband direct anti-drug efforts in Colombia.

Whiplash - Episode 19

A man's death is linked to a series of car crashes that finds the same employer, chiropractor, insurance adjuster and lawyers profiting.

All My Children - Episode 20

The murder of a prep school student points to a mystery woman who may have been extorting money from the victim's wealthy father.

Brother’s Keeper - Episode 21

Briscoe and Green (Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin) discover a murdered businessman may have been the target of a well-known criminal (guest star Michael O'Keefe), but the investigation stumbles when the FBI acts as the suspect's alibi.

School Daze - Episode 22

The search for the masked gunman in a high school shooting is complicated when several students fit the profile of the culprit.

Judge Dread - Episode 23

A strict judge survives an assassination attempt, prompting the search for the person who ordered the hit among a long list of potential suspects.

Deep Vote - Episode 24

A journalist investigating a senatorial election conspiracy learns she was the prime target in a botched murder attempt.