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Even More “Law & Order” Comebacks and Knee-Slaps From Lennie Briscoe

Can you ever get enough of Lennie Briscoe’s devilishly good one-liners? Probably not. Here are 10 more from the Law & Order vaults for your enjoyment.

1. “Besides battling the forces of evil, what other trouble’s he been in?”

2. “I liked this guy better when he had a heart attack.”

3. “Surf Nazis’ on ecstasy. Bet they’re gonna put that in the local drive-in.”

4. “I thought my sex life was complicated when I had to wear a condom.”

5. “…so, we’re looking for a girl with no makeup and fuzzy teeth.”

6. “I’ll be in mourning for the next five minutes.”

7. “New Hampshire. I spent a year there one weekend.”

8. “All this milk of human kindness is going to make me puke.”

9. “Divorce lawyers… God’s way of telling you to stay single.”

10. “If it’s Narcotics Anonymous, how do you know her last name?”

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