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10 More Witticisms and Criticisms from Lennie Briscoe (“Law & Order”)

You know him and love him for bringing quick wit and even snark to the Law & Order legacy. Below are ten of his most memorable lines. (Not enough to satisfy you? Click here to see ten more!)

1. “Married and a Mets fan… he’s a glutton for punishment.”

2. “I’ve still got the wrong shoes. Feel like Nixon at San Clemente.”

3. “We come down on her and we’re wrong, we could be breaking up one very snooty couple. It might actually ruin my sleep for minutes.”

4. “With friends like her to cover for me, I’d still be playing around on my first wife.”

5. “We’ve been around the block a few hundred times.”

6. “You guys couldn’t track a bleeding elephant through the snow!”

7. “If your wife wanted a doormat, she’d go to Sears.”

8. “The last original thought Capetti had, he left swirling in the bowl.”

9. “My ex just kept my checkbook. If I ever forgot, she knew how to forge my signature.”

10. “Besides battling the forces of evil, what other trouble’s he been in?”

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