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Willy Shine


A leading mixologist recognized for his skill and creativity, Willy Shine has been polishing his craft for close to eighteen years. Early in his career, he had the privilege of working with top chefs and beverage industry mentors like Dale DeGroff and Steve Olsen. They taught and bestowed upon him culinary techniques, ingredient science and the wonderful History of American bartending and cocktail making from a lost era. From there, he went on to run a myriad of restaurants and bars honing his natural talent for cocktail design and execution.

Willy’s mixology skills have been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles, on television and on radio shows. He is currently the co-founder of a global full service beverage consulting company with a focus on cocktails and spirits. Contemporary Cocktails, Inc. brings a distinctive appreciation to the modern-day art of cocktail design, beverage programs, brand ambassadorships, spirits & cocktail education, cocktail catering and event execution. Both nationally and internationally, Willy is among the most well respected alcohol beverage professionals. He is a member of the Beverage Alcohol Resources Program (BAR) as well as BAR Smarts and travels extensively in that capacity to perform educational trainings and seminars.