Cast Members

Mia Sarazen


Mia's passion and creativity are driven by her warm and loving nature. Her ability to connect instantly with people results in a unique atmosphere for each guest. Mia doesn't just give you a cocktail; she creates an experience.

Mia is classically trained but her true talent lies in the inspiration she cultivates throughout her environment. Because organic and local are driving forces in all facets of Mia's life, you'll regularly find her perusing LA’s farmers markets for the freshest ingredients. You will instantly fall in love with her ability to infuse original concoctions with fresh fruits, herbs and homemade syrups. Mia's fierce mixology skills and her effervescent, unforgettable personality have sent her all over. From LA to NYC, San Fran, Las Vegas, and New Orleans, she’s kicked booty in some of the biggest competitions in the industry, including placing top 10 (out of thousands) in 2011’s USBG’s and GQ’s Search for the Most Inspired Bartender sponsored by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin.

Mia spends most of her free time outside, basking in Cali’s beautiful weather – amazing friends, hiking, biking, photography and training keep her grounded and balanced. She loves what she does. Simple. She has so much fun behind the bar, it’s contagious. 10 second dance party, just cuz? Yep. Confetti stars with magical powers? Yep, and don't be surprised if she asks you to speak into the mic (which could be a muddler or bar spoon) when explaining what you’re looking for in a cocktail. Whatever ego you may expect from the LA scene is out the door, so belly up to the bar and have a good time, and a great cocktail…