Happy Birthday, Quentin Tarantino

Someone is ringing in the last year of their 40s today, and that someone is probably doing it on the set of DJANGO, UNCHAINED. The director/writer/producer/indie stalwart has said repeatedly that he plans on retiring from the film grind at 60…which means we’ve only got 11 years before the Tarantino becomes the Tarantino-esque. So, we’re celebrating with some fun clips from ICONOCLASTS, like this one where Quentin and Fiona Apple discuss their “God antennas”:



Or should that be antennae?
Anyway, Tarantino has always struck me as a sort of awkward dude (and he’s certainly gotten himself into some awkward situations over the years). Yet, it has always struck me as a kinda of “lovable geek” awkwardness, as exemplified in this exchange with fellow embarrassmentphobe Apple:



More evidence of Tarantino’s lovable geekiness? The handwritten letter he sent to a young fan back in 1993:

So, Happy Birthday, Quentin! I hope Jamie Foxx and Christopher Waltz got you something awesome.

(image via Freaking News)