Eddie Vedder Composes Soundtrack to INTO THE WILD

Eddie Vedder, who is featured in the Sundance Channel Original Series ICONOCLASTS, recently composed and recorded the soundtrack to INTO THE WILD, a new film directed by and with a screenplay by Sean Penn (featured in ICONOCLASTS, Season 3).

INTO THE WILD is based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Jon Krakauer (featured in ICONOCLASTS, Season 3) and follows the journey of 22 year-old Christopher McCandless as he literally walks away from his privileged life and into the wilds of Alaska. His plan is to live, not just off-the-grid, but completely alone. It is in Alaska that McCandless’ body was dicovered 4 months later along with the diary which chronicled his last days.

Penn always intended for the storytelling and character development to be strongly supported by the music and Vedder’s compositions both propel the film along narratively and provide musical clues to McCandless’ complex state of mind.

The Sean Penn + Jon Krakauer episode of ICONOCLASTS includes music from the INTO THE WILD soundtrack composed and performed by Eddie Vedder.”

The soundtrack is also available for purchase on pearljam.com