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Fruits de la Soleil Punch by Lynn House

Punch featuring GREY GOOSE® Le Citron Flavored Vodka

7 Parts GREY GOOSE® Le Citron Flavored Vodka
5 Parts dashes of Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
5 Parts of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
1 Part fresh lime juice
2 ½ Parts of Rosemary Scented Water*
3 ½ Parts Apricot/Ginger Syrup**

Combine citrus and Apricot Syrup in a punch bowl, stir until Syrup has dissolved, add Rosemary Water, orange bitters and GREY GOOSE® Le Citron, add ice molds and stir until chilled. Garnish with slices of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Serves 12.

*Rosemary Scented Water:
6 sprigs of rosemary
3 cups hot water
Steep rosemary in hot water for 15 min as to extract the oils, strain and chill immediately.
Lynn House