Hap and Leonard



Hap CollinsPlayed by James Purefoy

Hap Collins is a man looking for truth, justice, the American way and just a little love to go with it. He isn't having any luck. Somehow middle age has snuck up on him and he doesn't have much to show for it. Good looks and East Texas charm don't pay the bills. A working class, liberal romantic, Hap has one foot in the past and the other trying to find traction in a world he doesn't much understand. He's old school but graduation was a long time ago. Hap may not be the slickest cowboy around, but it's his sense of right and wrong and his black hat/white hat belief system that keeps him kicking for the underdog. Hell, he's an underdog himself. With his dry cowboy humor and his bulldog tenacity, Hap fights a never-ending battle against injustice.

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