Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo Recap: Episode 6 (No Mo’ Mojo)


In a flashback, B.B. flees through a field and scrambles over the gate at the Old Hope Church. A man snatches him and kills him with a rock, then dumps the body and gate in Illium Moon’s pond.

Hap and Leonard sit in their car outside the New Hope Church, where a funeral is being held for Reverend Fitzgerald and the dead boys. Hap wonders how congregants can mourn their reverend even after he killed the boys.

At the funeral, Sheriff Valentine mourns the dead boys and offers his sympathies to the congregation. He thanks the police for solving the case.

Outside, Stella thanks Hap and Leonard and assures them that everyone in the community knows it was them, not the police, who solved the case. Hap watches as Hanson escorts Florida to her car and kisses her.

Leonard returns home to find Raul waiting with Ivan’s father. Ivan tells Leonard he decided to go back to his family. Leonard gives Ivan his cowboy hat as a parting gift. After Ivan leaves, Raul kisses Leonard.

Florida packs up MeMaw’s belongings. When Hap asks why things didn’t work out between them, she admits she always saw herself with a black man. Florida comments on the black angel figurines that TJ painted every autumn for the Feast of Archangels. Hap realizes the angels represent the dead boys and counts 14 figurines — leaving B.B. unaccounted for.

At home, Chester’s spirit tells Leonard that his work isn’t over. Hap runs in and tells Leonard that Reverend Fitzgerald didn’t kill B.B.

Hanson strides into Sheriff Valentine’s office and places B.B.’s red shoes on the desk. He demands an explanation.

Hap and Leonard visit Detective Blank at home to ask what happened to B.B.’s red shoes.

Hap and Leonard stake out Sheriff Valentine’s house, determined to prove that he killed B.B. They follow Sheriff Valentine in his car.

Hap and Leonard observe Sheriff Valentine as he watches boys play catch at a baseball diamond. They sneer with disgust at the sheriff’s seemingly predatory nature and follow him to his next destination.

Hap and Leonard sit at the Armadillo Diner while Sheriff Valentine eats at the counter. The sheriff confronts them about being followed but insists they all learn to get along. He invites them to a party at his house and leaves. As Miriam serves tea to Hap and Leonard, they notice a B.B. necklace around her neck.

Hap and Leonard visit Miriam at home and show her the B.B. necklace from the boy’s body. Miriam breaks down in tears and screams for her dead boy. Inside, Miriam tells Hap and Leonard that B.B. had been missing for two years. Leonard sees a photo of B.B. in a tree near the old church. Miriam says it was his “hideaway.” Hap and Leonard ask if there’s any way B.B. could have known Sheriff Valentine. Miriam stammers out a reply then abruptly sends them away.

Hap and Leonard visit B.B.’s hideaway and rummage through a bag of B.B.’s “treasures.” They find a birthday card from Sheriff Valentine, a sheriff’s badge and a baseball team photo in which Sheriff Valentine holds B.B.’s shoulder.

Hap and Leonard confront Sheriff Valentine at his party and accuse him of being a child predator and killing B.B. Sheriff Valentine shows them a B.B. necklace around his neck and reveals that B.B. was his and Miriam’s son. He speaks adoringly of B.B. and explains that he hid the red shoes to mask B.B.’s identity, thus allowing Miriam to hold onto hope that he was still alive.

Beau Otis interrupts to announce the fireworks have begun. Hap, Leonard and Sheriff Valentine simultaneously realize that Beau must be B.B.’s killer. Sheriff Valentine screams at Beau, who finally admits he killed B.B. because he was jealous. Sheriff Valentine pushes Beau into an empty swimming pool, killing him.

Hap picks up Leonard in his freshly painted truck. They return the iron gate to the Old Hope Church and drive off. The ghosts of B.B., MeMaw and the dead Sunday school children watch them leave.

Down the road, a woman hangs KKK robes on a clothes line. A noose swings from a tree in her yard.

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