Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo Recap: Episode 4 (Bad Mojo)


In a flashback, a young Hap tells a young Leonard that he’s in love with Florida Grange but worries that she’s out of his league.

In the present day, Hap wakes up alone in the garage after his night with Florida. He finds Officer Sneed standing in the garage with three officers.

Officer Peg throws Hap in jail for kidnapping Beau Otis. Leonard sits in an adjacent cell for arson.

Sheriff Valentine meets with Hap and offers to release him and Leonard if Hap promises to forget the past and leave Otis alone.

Leonard tells Detectives Hanson and Blank that he did not burn Melton’s house to the ground. Leonard points out that they still haven’t figured out who took the dead boy’s shoes.

Leonard joins Hap outside the station. They ruefully agree it would be best to end their investigation.

Hap asks Florida why she didn’t show up to represent him at the police station. Florida coolly explains that she can’t help clients who’ve burned down a house and assaulted a county judge.

In the bathroom, Hap fantasizes about Florida kissing him.

At home, MeMaw snaps a Polaroid photo of Leonard and Ivan then asks Leonard to place the photo on her wall. Leonard sees the 1928 photo of Pastor Moody and his Sunday school class — including MeMaw as a girl — standing by the same gate he and Hap found in the lake where Illium died.

Leonard asks MeMaw about the photo, which he learns was taken at the Old Hope Church. MeMaw explains that the KKK burned the church down the day after the photo was taken. Leonard asks MeMaw where the church was located but MeMaw does not remember.

Hanson and Blank sneak into the morgue to re-examine B.B.’s body. They hear a noise.

Sheriff Valentine secretly places the red shoes in B.B.’s body bag then tells the coroner to send the body to the crematorium. Hanson and Blank witness the exchange from an adjacent room.

Hap loads the gate onto his truck at the garage and suddenly recognizes an angel symbol on the gate. He goes to the New Hope Church and spots an identical angel symbol in a stained-glass window.

Hap stops by a New Hope boxing fundraiser to ask congregants if the church ever had a fence around it. Reverend Fitzgerald invites Hap to spar with him. From the ring, Hap notices a boy wearing a “New Hope Boxing Club” sweatshirt. Reverend Fitzgerald knocks him out.

Leonard researches the Old Hope Church at the library and tracks down the address. Meanwhile, Hap asks congregants if they know where the Old Hope Church was located. They point toward the location.

Hap and Leonard visit the ruins of the old church. In the basement, they discover a room of pine caskets containing dead boys — each casket marked with years dating back to 1977. The current year, 1988, is empty, leading them to believe the killer will soon strike again. They decide against going to the police since their fingerprints are all over the room.

Back at the garage, Hap and Leonard pore over the evidence and determine that 13 boys went missing in October of the years corresponding to the years on the caskets. They mark the location of the boys’ homes on a map and connect the dots, resulting in a shape that “looks like Idaho.”

At the diner, Hanson and Blank try to determine why Valentine took the dead boy’s shoes. Hanson speculates that Hap is the killer and that he blackmailed Valentine into pinning the murder on Leonard.

In the car, Hap and Leonard figure out that all 13 kids went missing on the third Saturday of October — which is taking place the next day. They see Hanson and Blank following them.

Hap and Leonard seek refuge in Stella’s salon to escape Hanson and Blank. Stella tells them to leave through the back door then picks up her phone.

Hanson and Blank wait for Hap and Leonard in the parking lot, then decide to go in. B.B.’s red shoes sit in the car.

Hanson asks Stella if she’s seen Hap. Stella’s gang emerges from the back of the salon and, along with Stella’s salon customers, surrounds Hanson and Blank. The women barrage the detectives with neighborhood crimes that the sheriff’s department has failed to address.

Hap and Leonard board the local bus and spot a map of the bus route on the wall: It’s the same “Idaho” shape as the map of the missing boys.

Hap and Leonard ride the bus to the final stop. They get off and find a crew setting up the annual Harvest Carnival. “Children under 10 free,” reads a sign.

A box containing B.B.’s ashes is placed on a shelf at the crematorium.

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