Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo Recap: Episode 3 (Holy Mojo)


Flash back to 1928. A girl, Jezebel, closes her eyes for a game of hide and seek with her Sunday school classmates. A gang of Klansmen approaches the church. Pastor Moody’s wife, Daisy, ushers the children inside, accidentally leaving Jezebel outside. Jezebel opens her eyes and sees the pastor hanging from a tree. The church is on fire.

In the present, Hap and Leonard find Illium’s van in the pond with Illium’s body inside. Rather than call police and risk incriminating Leonard, they sink Illium and his van to the bottom of the pond. They discover the iron gate that was used to anchor the dead boy’s body, with the boy’s skeleton hands dangling off the gate. Hap and Leonard stow the gate at Fernie’s.

Florida confronts Beau Otis at the diner and insists he recuse himself from Leonard’s case, given his history with Leonard. Otis refuses.

Hap pores over Uncle Chester’s evidence in the missing boy cases.

Detective Hanson shows up at Leonard’s house with a search warrant as Leonard and Ivan eat breakfast. Ivan sneaks out of the house and tosses the cigar box onto Melton’s roof. Officer Sneed and Melton see Ivan flee.

Leonard visits with MeMaw while police search his house.

Florida urges Hap to speak with Illium again, but Hap implies that Illium can no longer help with the case.

Hap stops by MeMaw’s house to take Leonard to Cooperstown.

Florida tells Detective Hanson that Illium Moon, not Leonard, was Uncle Chester’s associate. Detective Hanson agrees to consider her evidence.

As they drive to Cooperstown, Hap explains to Leonard that four of the missing boys’ names began with B and that they all lived in Cooperstown. Hap suggests they look for a fence without a gate. Ivan pops out of hiding after falling asleep in the truck flatbed. He offers to take them to the gate.

Florida and Detective Hanson look for Illium at his shack. Detective Hanson finds Illium’s water-logged book by the pond and guesses that Illium is dead.

Ivan leads Hap and Leonard through the streets of Cooperstown. A group of concerned Cooperstown women tracks their movement, worried for Ivan’s safety.

Ivan takes Hap and Leonard to the wrong gate. They turn their focus on interviewing the missing boys’ mothers. As they make their way back through the neighborhood, the women surround them and take Ivan under their wing.

The Cooperstown women take Hap and Leonard to Stella, the community leader, at her salon. Hap explains that they’re investigating the dead boys and shows her a photo of the gate. Stella instantly recognizes it and shows them an old wedding photo of her grandparents, Pastor Moody and Daisy, standing beside their church — right next to the gate. Stella cries for her dead son. Hap comforts her.

Leonard drops Hap off at the garage then drives to a supermarket with Ivan. Leonard guesses that Ivan ran away from home and urges him to go back.

Otis stops by Fernie’s and orders Hap to check his oil and fill his gas tank. He guzzles beer and threatens Hap for meddling in Leonard’s case. Hap quietly punctures Otis’s radiator hose.

Leonard leaves Ivan in the car while he shops. When he returns, Ivan is gone.

Otis waits on a deserted roadside after his radiator busts. Hap arrives in a tow truck and menaces Otis with a crow bar. Otis keels over from a seizure. He later flees while Hap fixes his car.

At the diner, Sheriff Valentine warns Florida to watch her step, along with Hap and Leonard.

Leonard barges in on Officer Sneed as he takes a bath at home. He threatens to electrocute Sneed unless he tells him where Ivan is. Sneed says he took Ivan to Melton’s house and admits that Sheriff Valentine asked his department to pin the boy’s murder on Leonard. Sneed further explains that he convinced Melton to plant some of the dead boy’s bones in Leonard’s house, and that Melton then assigned the task to Ivan — who didn’t do it.

Leonard storms into Melton’s house with a gun and finds Ivan unconscious. He brings Ivan to MeMaw’s house and leaves.

Florida stops by the garage and warns Hap that Leonard will go to jail if they keep harassing Otis. Hap admits that he and Leonard found Illium dead in the pond. They kiss and make love in his truck.

Leonard goes to Illium’s shack and makes a Molotov cocktail. He hurls the Molotov cocktail at Melton’s house and watches it burn.

MeMaw cradles Ivan in her living room. On her mantle is a photo of Pastor Moody, Daisy and the Sunday school class standing beside the gate.

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