Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo Recap: Episode 2 (Ticking Mojo)


Ivan wakes up at Leonard’s house in the middle of the night and creeps into the hallway. He hits an intruder with one of Leonard’s cowboy statues and flees. The intruder, the same grizzled man who has been staking out Leonard’s house, retrieves a hidden lunchbox from a vent.

Someone nabs Ivan in the street.

Melton picks Leonard from a police lineup and identifies him as the man he saw with Chester.

At the station, Florida tells Leonard that he’s a suspect in the boy’s murder and asks where Leonard was on the night of Sep. 9, 1986. Hap guesses that Melton is Leonard’s accuser.

In the lobby of the police station, a group of black women clamors for an update on the dead boy. Officer Peg tells the women, who are all mothers of missing boys, that investigators are still trying to identify the body.

Hap and Florida speak to the mothers and learn that Chester already questioned them about the boys’ disappearances. Afterwards at a bar, Florida wonders if Chester was a child predator.

Hap drunkenly returns to the station and tries to sweet-talk Officer Peg into letting him see Leonard. She orders him to leave.

Officer Sneed beats Leonard in an interrogation room and asks if Leonard and Chester liked little boys. Detective Hanson discovers them and orders Officer Sneed to stop.

Hap stops by Sunday services at New Hope Church, knowing that Florida is in attendance. Reverend Fitzgerald welcomes Hap.

Raul checks on Leonard’s wounds at the hospital while Detective Hanson guards him.

Reverend Fitzgerald speaks to his congregation about police negligence in the missing boy cases. Sheriff Valentine, accompanied by his son, Beau Otis, drops by and promises to seek justice for the dead boy. Afterwards, Otis hands out campaign materials to congregants. Hap refuses to shake Otis’s hand.

At the station, the man who took the lunchbox from Leonard’s house distributes books to prisoners. He places pennies and salt around Leonard’s cell to offer voodoo protection and hands Leonard a book that Leonard instantly recognizes from his childhood. Leonard finds a petrified chicken foot inside the book.

At Leonard’s arraignment, Otis denies Leonard bail and sets a trial date without hearing Florida’s entire defense. Florida threatens to report Officer Sneed’s assault but Otis says Leonard’s injuries were officially due to a “fall.”

Hap corners Otis in the men’s room and tells him that his father and Leonard’s father were killed by Otis in a drunken incident years ago. He presumes that Sheriff Valentine paid someone off to conceal the accident and threatens to expose Otis’s secret if he doesn’t grant Leonard bail.

At the diner, Hap and Florida beg Leonard to skip town until everything blows over. Leonard insists on clearing Chester’s name but eventually agrees.

Hap packs food for Leonard at his house and notices pennies on the window sills. Upstairs, Leonard finds his broken cowboy figurine and decides to continue his investigation instead of skipping town. When Hap brings the pennies to Leonard’s attention, Leonard remembers the man from jail. Florida recognizes the man as Illium Moon.

Hap and Leonard drive to Illium’s house and find Illium waiting for them.

Melton holds Ivan prisoner in his attic. He orders Ivan to return to Leonard’s house and plant a cigar box inside a mattress.

Illium tells Hap and Leonard that he found the dead boy’s body in his pond but didn’t kill him. Hap asks Illium to tell the police that Leonard is innocent. Illium refuses to talk to the police but agrees to let Hap and Leonard investigate his pond the following day. Illium gives Leonard the lunchbox, which contains items from Chester’s investigation: newspaper clippings, a journal filled with names of missing boys and a necklace with the initials “B.B.”

Back home, Leonard finds Ivan watching TV in his living room. Ivan refuses to divulge where he’s been. He retreats to his room and removes the cigar box from his mattress.

On MeMaw’s porch, Hap informs Florida that Chester and Illium were investigating the missing children together. He adds that Leonard has an alibi for the night of the boy’s murder: a double feature that they both attended at a movie theater. Florida doubts whether they can prove the alibi.

Worried that Hap will bring police to his home, Illium flees his shack in the middle of the night. He hallucinates the dead boy while driving and veers off the road, straight into his pond.

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