Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

“HAP AND LEONARD” Season 1 Recap


Best friends Hap Collins (James Purefoy) and Leonard Pine (Michael Kenneth Williams) find themselves even harder up for cash than usual after getting laid off from their jobs as rose-field pickers.

Hap’s ex-wife, Trudy (Christina Hendricks), surprises Hap and Leonard at Hap’s house, seduces Hap, and ultimately convinces the duo to join in on a scheme orchestrated by Trudy’s most recent ex-husband, the hippy-ish environmental terrorist Howard. Hap is to use his intimate knowledge of the local backwoods to lead Trudy, Howard (Bill Sage) and company to a bridge over a river where a cache of stolen money was sunk in waterproof lockboxes two decades previous. Vietnam vet Leonard will assist with the search and the diving. In exchange the pair will claim half the cash. At Howard’s compound Hap and Leonard meet the other member of his and Trudy’s gang: the heavily scarred Paco and the bumbling Chub.

Hap, Leonard, Paco (Neil Sandilands) and Chub (Jeff Pope) sets out to search for the money the next day. Along the way, Hap recognizes Paco as the fugitive presumed-dead leader of an violent ecoterrorist group. The men abandon the search after Chub gets stuck in a mud-pit and the rest get sucked in helping Chub out.

Hap and Leonard sneak out early the next morning to search for the bridge on their own. They find it, but discover the water beneath completely dried up with no car in sight.

Leonard gets word that his Uncle Chester has suffered a heart attack and returns to town to visit the comatose old man.

Trudy reveals to Hap that she’s guessed the flaw in their plan, since the river shifted courses after a flood ten years past. The two head out to the logical spot to search together in the middle of the night. Hap catches an old license plate with a fishing line, but as he and Trudy celebrate the pair are attacked by an alligator. They flee onto the shore, make love and sleep in the woods until Howard discovers them the next morning.

Hap calls Leonard back into action, telling his friend he’ll be needed for his diving and shooting skills. When the pair goes out Hap goes for a deep dive and actually passes out underwater, but after Leonard rescues him Hap reveals he’s spotted the car.

Hap, Leonard and Paco all head back out with dive suits and eventually Leonard recovers the lockboxes of cash. Noticing that the compound Howard’s gang has been squatting in has drawn police attention, Hap volunteers Leonard’s house as a temporary hide-out. Howard and Paco open the lockboxes and discover one of them has leaked, ruining its contents and cutting the gang’s haul in half.

Howard, Paco and Chub take Hap and Leonard prisoner, explaining that they won’t be able to pay them their share. Howard and Trudy reveal their plan: to spend the money on a large amount of cocaine which can be sold to finance a new radical progressive organization. Since they don’t know the dealer, Howard and Trudy only bring a small portion of the cash to the deal as a “deposit.”

The gang, Hap and Leonard in tow, arrives at an abandoned warehouse where they are welcomed by the intimidating Angel (Pollyanna McIntosh). Inside waits Angel’s psychotic partner in crime, who antagonizes and threatens the whole group. Paco silences a blubbering Chub with a gunshot to the head, revealing that he’s in league with Soldier (Jimmi Simpson) and Angel, planning to rip the rest off, and there are no drugs. Soldier shoots Howard in the foot and demands the rest of the money’s location.

The gang heads back to Leonard’s but is surprised to find the box of cash empty. Trudy admits she moved the money but refuses to reveal where she put it, even after Soldier nails her hand to Leonard’s kitchen table. Hap swears he knows where Trudy hid the money. Soldier believes Hap and kills Howard.

Hap and Leonard lead Soldier and Angel out to Leonard’s dog pens, Hap claiming he spotted the animals’ crap on Trudy’s shoes. The pair overpower Soldier and Angel, sic Leonard’s attack dogs on the criminals, and escape into the woods.

Meanwhile, Trudy manages to yank her impaled hand out of the table and use the nail to blind Paco, whom she also fatally engulfs in flames with Leonard’s gas range. Angel attacks Trudy and tries to drag her out of the house, but Hap and Leonard return and Hap shoots Angel in the neck with Paco’s crossbow.

Hap removes the nail from Trudy’s hand as Soldier takes the arrow out of Angel’s neck.

Hap realizes Leonard’s phone lines have been cut so Trudy makes a break for it in Howard’s van to get help.

While Soldier distracts Hap and Leonard, Angel sneaks back inside and tries to kill Hap and Leonard with an axe. but Leonard ultimately manages to snap her neck.

Soldier enters the house and corners Hap and Leonard in the garage, but at the last second all hear a car speeding toward the house. Soldier turns in the vehicle’s direction, firing wildly, but Trudy crashes through the wall in the van and hits Soldier, then finishes the psychotic criminal off with a gun when Hap refuses to. Hap, Leonard and Trudy all pass out from various wounds.

Some time later, Hap half-awakens in a hospital bed to a vision of Trudy bidding him goodbye.

Even later, Hap watches over Leonard as he wakes for the first time in days. Hap finds the money where Trudy stashed it, in a bag of Leonard’s dog food.

Hap divides the cash, mailing half to a children’s charity in Trudy’s name and delivering the rest to the convalescing Leonard.

Leonard tells Hap his uncle has died and asks him to accompany him to the funeral. As the pair walk away from the coffin, Leonard tells Hap he’s the only family he’s got left and asks Hap to sleep over with him at Chester’s apartment.

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