Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

“HAP AND LEONARD” Recap: Episode 105 (War)


In a flashback, a young Hap attends an amateur minstrel show with his father before coming across the stranded black motorist stuck in the rain (shown in a previous flashback). Hap’s father reluctantly gets out to help get the other man’s car running. A passing driver swerves dangerously toward the side of the road while Hap watches, with his dad tinkering under the stalled car.

Back at Leonard’s (Michael Kenneth Williams), Soldier (Jimmi Simpson) orders the gang out of Howard’s (Bill Sage) van. Trudy (Christina Hendricks) tries to appeal to Paco’s (Neil Sandilands) loyalty but he immediately reveals the money’s location. Soldier makes Leonard dig the box up. Everyone is surprised to find it empty. Soldier threatens Howard, demanding to know what happened to the cash. Eventually Trudy can’t take it any more and admits she moved the money.

Soldier takes Trudy aside and offers her the $5,000 “deposit” back along with her freedom in exchange for the money’s location. She scatters the money to the wind in defiance. Soldier asks Angel (Pollyanna McIntosh) to make him some breakfast before he starts torturing Trudy.

Soldier mocks the group’s idealism and tries to demand the information from Trudy verbally once more. She remains defiant despite Hap and Howard’s pleas, even as Soldier and Angel prepare to nail one of her hands to Leonard’s kitchen table.

Soldier drives a nail through Trudy’s hand. She screams. Hap leaps up but is quickly stopped by Leonard. Trudy sobs but continues to refuse to talk.

Hap warns Soldier that torturing her won’t work. Howard agrees, and suggests torturing Hap instead. Soldier gives Howard the hammer and tells him to hit Hap in the mouth with it as hard as he can. With Trudy continuing to refuse to talk, Howard reluctantly takes a swing. Leonard catches Howard’s arm and stops the blow.

Hap screams out that he knows where the money is, having spotted a clue on Trudy the previous night. Hap assures Soldier he can lead him to the cash and, convinced, Soldier executes Howard.

Hap and Leonard lead Soldier and Angel to Leonard’s dog pens, Hap claiming he spotted the animals’ crap on Trudy’s shoes. Hap lets a dog out, ostensibly to start digging up the pen, and Leonard sics the well-trained attack dog on Soldier before striking Angel with a shovel. The pair flee into the woods, still handcuffed together, as Soldier and Angel fire shots after them. Each takes a bullet in the side but they don’t slow down.

Meanwhile, Trudy manages to loosen the nail from the table through excruciating effort and surprises Paco standing guard. She drives the nail, still stuck in her hand, into Paco’s remaining eye, blinding him, and the two fight in Leonard’s kitchen. Trudy takes a few hits but ultimately forces Paco onto the gas range and lights the stove.

Out in the woods, Hap and Leonard hear Trudy scream. Hap insists on going back and an extremely reluctant Leonard consents.

Paco runs out of Leonard’s house blind and engulfed in flames. Soldier shoots Paco dead.

Angel breaks into the house through a window, surprising Trudy, and starts dragging her outside. Hap and Leonard show up at the last second and shoots Angel in the neck with Paco’s crossbow. Soldier sends a spray of bullets through the window and hits Leonard in the stomach.

Hap removes the nail from Trudy’s hand.

Outside, Soldier removes the arrow from Angel’s neck and comforts her with visions of their future living off the loot in Acapulco.

Inside all realize that they need to get the gut-shot Leonard to the hospital as soon as possible. With the phone lines cut by Soldier and Hap chained to Leonard, Trudy is the only hope of getting help.

Trudy recovers the keys from Howard’s body and makes it to the van, Soldier and Angel nowhere to be found. As soon as she starts the van, Soldier emerges and starts firing at it. Trudy speeds away from the house and manages to escape as Soldier screams in rage.

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