Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

“HAP AND LEONARD” Recap: Episode 104 (Trudy)


In a flashback, Trudy (Christina Hendricks) tries to pen a letter to Hap (James Purefoy) in prison but gives up. She attempts to free the pet bird the couple once shared, but when it declines to fly out the window she drowns the little pet in the sink.

In the present day, Howard (Bill Sage) apologizes to Hap and Leonard (Michael Kenneth Williams) for the deception, explaining that he and the others really didn’t plan on cutting the pair out but discussed the option as a back-up plan in case the haul was smaller than expected. Hap asks if Trudy knew about the plan and she confirms that she did it for the cause.

Howard and his men force Hap to dig a hole at gunpoint and buries the money. While Chub (Jeff Pope) guards Hap and Leonard, he lets slip that the gang plans to spend the money on a large quantity of cocaine. Leonard’s outraged reaction draws the rest of the gang in, at which point they defend their plan . Hap and Leonard mock the gang’s naivety until Howard gets frustrated enough to duct-tape the two together and leave them outside.

Trudy confides to Howard that she has started second-guessing the plan. Howard reassures her that they should stay the course.

A visibly upset Chub tries to apologize to Hap and Leonard but Leonard rejects his sympathy and tells him that his collaborators don’t respect him. Hap asks Chub if he and Leonard are going to be killed. Chub claims that Howard said they were to be released the next day, but Paco (Neil Sandilands) ends the conversation by telling Chub to beat it.

In a flashback Trudy finally writes to Hap in prison, telling him she’s moved to San Francisco and joined an activist group, praising him for his sacrifice and telling him she still loves him. Attached to the letter: divorce papers.

Trudy visits Hap outside and defends her deception, pointing out that she gave him every possible opportunity to join the cause instead of making himself and Leonard its enemies.

The next morning, Hap and Leonard wake to find Chub snoring behind his shotgun. The two sneak off the porch, still duct-taped together in a pair of lawnchairs, but Paco quickly foils the escape, sitting guard on the lawn nearby.

The gang takes Hap and Leonard along on their big coke buy, no longer trusting Chub to watch over them on his own. On the way, Trudy and Howard reveal that they’ve only brought $5,000 as a “deposit”, since they don’t yet know if they can trust the dealers. A horrified Paco insists they go back for the full amount, pointing out that the funny business could lead to violence. Trudy and Howard stay firm and the gang continues on to an abandoned warehouse.

Angel (Pollyanna McIntosh) meets the gang out front and welcomes them inside, where Soldier (Jimmi Simpson) is waiting. Soldier puts the gang on edge with his psychotic demeanor and purposely antagonizes Chub when he defends Leonard against Soldier’s casual racism. As Chub gets agitated and the scene gets increasingly tense, Paco surprises everyone by blowing Chub’s brains out. Paco reveals that there was no actual drug deal planned: he was working with Soldier from the beginning, planning to rip Howard, Trudy and Chub off. Soldier threatens to kill the whole gang unless they take him to the money and shoots Howard in the foot on a whim to prove he’s serious.

On the ride over, Soldier harasses Trudy, interrogating her as to which member of the gang she’s sleeping with. Paco tells Soldier she’s been with both Hap and Howard and that Leonard is gay. Soldier seems delighted by all the information and continues to harass Trudy until she snaps at him. Soldier gets deadly serious and sticks the gun in Trudy’s face, but she refuses to plead or cower. Howard tries to convince Soldier not to hurt her. A police roadblock appears up ahead.

Soldier seems to be trying to pass Howard’s obvious injury off as an accident and tell the cops the gang’s on the way to the hospital. When an officer asks Paco for his license and registration, however, Soldier, Paco and Angel ruthlessly execute the police and drive on.

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