Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

“HAP AND LEONARD” Recap: Episode 103 (The Dive)


In a flashback to the Vietnam era, a younger Trudy (Christina Hendricks) watches Hap (James Purefoy) open the induction letter drafting him into the military and asks him what it is.

In the present, Howard (Bill Sage), Paco (Neil Sandilands) and Chub (Jeff Pope) discover Hap and Trudy sleeping on the riverbank and wonder aloud if the pair planned to recover the money alone. When the two wake, Howard brandishes the fished-up license plate and asks where the sunken car is.

Back in town, Leonard (Michael Kenneth Williams) reluctantly accepts the care and cooking of his ex, Raoul (Enrique Muricano).

Meanwhile Howard tries to sell Hap on his plan to use the cash as start-up money to fund an activist group. When Trudy appeals to his humanitarianism, Hap seems to consider the idea.

After they argue, Raoul tells Leonard that he cared for Chester (Henry G. Sanders) while Leonard was away and discovered that the old man was subsisting on cat food.

Hap calls Leonard to tell him they need him for his diving abilities… and his guns, in case of more gator encounters.

Hap and Trudy briefly flirt, reminiscing over the previous night, before Leonard shows up.

Hap and Leonard take off for the river. On the way, Leonard lectures an obviously nostalgic Hap on the foolishness of potentially reawakening his youthful idealism. Hap remembers meeting with a recruitment officer who warned him he’d end up in prison if he refused to serve, move to Canada, or become a conscientious objector.

The guys find their way impeded by a police roadblock. Hap places a call reporting suspicious characters in a nearby lot and the cops clear out to investigate, opening the path.

An apparently single woman returns to her home and cats to find Angel (Pollyanna McIntosh) and Soldier (Jimmi Simpson) lying in wait. Angel beats the woman to death with her telephone while Soldier explains that the pair just needed a place to hide out… and that Angel, whom he calls his girlfriend, “just loves kitties.” Soldier and Angel make out over their victim’s corpse.

Leonard dives while Hap stands guard with a rifle in a boat. After Leonard resurfaces from an unsuccessful attempt, Hap explains his interest in Howard’s ideas and then makes a dive of his own.

Under water, Hap seems to hallucinate yellow birds flying by as he swims. The less experienced diver is so startled when he discovers a corpse inside the car at the river bottom that he inhales water. Up on the surface, Leonard grows antsy as Hap seems to take too long to emerge. When a gator skims the surface Leonard panics, readying his gun and shouting for Hap.

Unconscious, Hap flashes back to Trudy encouraging him to make a statement by going to prison for his beliefs and promising to publicize his sacrifice.

Leonard rescues Hap, who reveals he found the car. Back at the compound the gang celebrate and, seeing that Angel and Soldier’s latest murder will be drawing even more police attention to the area within the day, decide to go back out for the money that night.

Several members of the gang dive and eventually Leonard finds the lockbox. Returning home, they find that the bible salesman Paco turned away has tipped off the police about their presence and the compound is surrounded by cops. Hap volunteers Leonard’s house as a temporary hide-out much to his partner’s chagrin.

The gang celebrates more by sharing some joints as Paco and Howard crowbar the boxes open. Hap flashes back once again to his declaration of intent to refuse to serve and resulting imprisonment.

After indulging in a few puffs of a joint, Hap tells Trudy he’s decided he doesn’t want to join the cause after all.

Paco and Howard discover that one of the boxes has leaked, ruining its contents and cutting their haul in half.

Paco, Howard and Chub confront Hap and Leonard at gunpoint and tell them they’re keeping all the cash.

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