Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, starring James Purefoy (The Following) and Michael K. WIlliams (Boardwalk Empire)

“HAP AND LEONARD” Recap: Episode 102 (The Bottoms)


A pair of kids out hunting scare each other with ghost stories before stumbling upon the mutilated corpse of the policeman Angel (Pollyanna McIntosh) killed behind some trash cans. The boys run off, screaming.

Hap (James Purefoy) wakes Leonard (Michael Kenneth Williams) at the crack of dawn, hoping to slip out to the river and track down the sunken car before the rest of the crew gets up. Howard (Bill Sage), Paco (Neil Sandilands) and Chub (Jeff Pope) surprise the pair by returning from an early morning jog and Howard insists on his men accompanying Hap and Leonard to the river.

A traveling bible salesman shows up at Howard’s compound, entering through the gates Hap accidentally left open. Paco throws him out.

The team heads out toward the river, but Paco turns Howard’s van around to find an alternate route after spotting a police roadblock ahead. Chub explains that Paco is a fugitive, wanted for his involvement in “the Mechanics”, an unusually violent ecoterrorist group.

When they reach the riverside, Hap and Paco and Leonard and Chub split up into pairs (at Paco’s insistence) to search for possible routes to the water. Leonard abandons Chub after getting fed up with the man’s ham-fisted comments on Leonard’s race and sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, Hap tells Paco he knows he wasn’t just any old terrorist, but rather the famed leader of the Mechanics, thought to have been killed during a bombing. Leonard catches up with the two and the group doubles back to help Chub out of a pit of mud, laughing at the mess.

Trudy (Christina Hendricks) encounters Soldier (Jimmi Simpson) and Angel while working at the diner. Soldier picks up a glass of water for Trudy after a rude patron intentionally knocks it to the floor, but unnerves her with his unnaturally cheery demeanor.

Having dinner back at the compound, Howard complains about Hap and company’s failure to find the bridge that marks the cash’s location. Trudy defends Hap, pointing out that he’s only been searching for a day.

Leonard’s Uncle Chester suffers a heart attack at home alone.

Hap reveals to Leonard what Howard’s sources didn’t realize: the bridge isn’t over the river itself, but rather at a nearby tributary creek. The pair get up even earlier the next morning and set out for the creek alone. After hacking their way through the overgrown woods, Hap and Leonard find the bridge, but discover that whatever body of water once ran underneath has long since completely dried up.

Leonard gets word of Chester’s condition and heads back home. Hap and Trudy bid him good luck. Leonard visits Chester in the hospital but finds him unconscious. He flashes back to a childhood memory: Chester comforting him as a boy with the body of Leonard’s father being wheeled off in a body bag. Returning home, Leonard is joined by a sympathetic ex-boyfriend who keeps him company for the night.

Meanwhile, Trudy tells Hap she’s a few steps ahead of both him and Howard on the sunken car, having realized that a decade-past flood shifted the course of the river and its tributary and pinpointing the treasure’s possible location. The two exes head out on their own in the middle of the night and search the water from a boat.

Howard wakes up, looking for Trudy, and discovers the revised map.

Hap catches a license plate on a fishing hook, implying that the car is just below. As Trudy and Hap celebrate, their boat is attacked by a large alligator. The pair panic, swim for the shore and run for their lives. They make passionate love in the woods once the chase is over.

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