Green Porno

Cast Members

Claudio Campagna


Claudio Campagna is conservationist with two affiliations, the Wildlife Conservation Society, with headquarters in New York, and the National Research Council of Argentina. Before devoting his career to pursuing conservation objectives, he was an MD, having graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Dr. Campagna earned his PhD in animal behavior, from the University of California at Santa Cruz. For his work on the conservation of the Patagonian Sea, he became a Pew Fellow in marine conservation.

Claudio divides his efforts between three areas - field research on the biology of marine mammals, conducted at Peninsula Valdes (Argentina), conservation work and writing essays and fiction. He is convinced of the urgent need to promote the conservation agenda using creative communication tools, thus his association with Isabella Rossellini in the GREEN PORNO series. Claudio is published widely in the field of scientific literature and is working on a book on the weaknesses of the discourse of conservation when guided by the fallacious concept of sustainable development.