Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 210 (The Soldier)


Scianel meets with Pietro and joins his side. She blames Ciro for creating a mess.

Ciro hunts down Pietro’s messenger by tracing phone cards and phones. The trail leads to Patrizia’s shop.

Patrizia tells Pietro that Genny knows everything about his role in Prince and Rosario’s deaths. She advises Pietro to meet Genny in person.

Patrizia calls Genny and informs him that Pietro wants to meet the following day. She changes her phone card and locks up the shop.

Ciro watches Patrizia leave the shop and instructs Pitbull to tail her. Ciro receives a phone call and learns that Scianel has switched sides.

At an Alliance meeting, Ciro accepts blame for Scianel’s defection but announces that they found Pietro’s messenger. He vows to find Pietro by tailing her.

Patrizia gets dressed up for the meeting between Genny and Pietro. As a driver takes her to the meeting location, Patrizia notices a car tailing them. Patrizia instructs the driver to park at a restaurant. She takes the driver’s phone and gets out.

In the restaurant bathroom, Patrizia switches her phone card into the driver’s phone.

Lello reports to Ciro that Patrizia is in a restaurant with two other cars parked outside. Ciro tells Lello to go back and scope out the restaurant.

Patrizia calls Genny from the restaurant’s land line. In coded language she tells him they are in trouble. Genny throws his phone and phone card away and calls Patrizia from a nearby bar. Patrizia informs him that she’s being followed and tells him where to meet Pietro. She instructs him to warn Pietro that his old hideout is no longer safe.

Patrizia returns to her car and leaves with the driver. Pitbull follows.

Ciro’s men enter the restaurant and demand to see Patrizia. The owner insists Patrizia was alone and that she just wanted to use the phone. They find her phone in the toilet.

Genny goes to Pietro and tells him that Ciro knows everything. Pietro asks where Patrizia is and realizes she’s buying them time.

Ciro forces Patrizia’s car into oncoming traffic then cuts her off on the highway. He forces her out of the car at gunpoint.

Ciro takes Patrizia to a fish plant, where her brother, Alessio, is tied up. He threatens to drown Alessio unless she reveals where Pietro is hiding. She agrees to tell him everything.

Ciro’s men shoot up Pietro’s hideout only to find it empty.

After learning that Pietro escaped, Ciro levels his gun at Alessio. Patrizia steps in front of him and insists she be the one to die. Ciro aims his gun at Patrizia but decides at the last minute to let her live.

Malamore meets with Carmine and Bomber and offers to give them Scianel and her spot if they tell him where Ciro has taken Patrizia.

Genny confronts Pietro about killing Prince despite knowing he and Genny were allies. Pietro points out that Genny, too, is guilty of betraying him. He declares that Secondigliano is his and no one else’s.

Carmine and Bomber storm Scianel’s hideout and shoot down her men. Scianel escapes in her car.

Cops stop Scianel at a checkpoint and arrest her once they realize who she is.

Malamore rescues Patrizia and Alessio, who are tied up at the fish plant. Patrizia informs him that Ciro already left.

Ciro meets with the remaining Alliance members and brings Lelluccio with him. He points out how fickle Pietro is with allies and says that Pietro only cares about himself.

Malamore brings Patrizia to Pietro’s home, where Pietro is now headquartered. Patrizia asks if Pietro spoke with Genny. Pietro explains that he did but insists on sticking to his plan. She remarks that he must be tired of being the boss. He admits that he is, “But I can’t stop.”

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