Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 203/204 (The Tears of the Virgin/Under the Skin)


At church, Conte gives a photo of his girlfriend, Nina, to an artist and asks the artist to paint the Holy Virgin in her likeness.

Conte visits Nina, who is a transsexual, at her apartment, where Nina lives with her mother and sisters. Nina takes him to her room.

Conte oversees the arrival of a drug shipment at his warehouse. An employee invites Conte to his son’s baptism.

Prince gives Conte a bag of cash payments from the Alliance dealers. Conte snickers at their lazy earnings. Prince and Mulatto deliver Conte’s drugs to Scianel and Ciro.

Before the baptism, Father Alfonso complains to Conte about the drug dealers outside his church. Conte suggests he hold an anti-drug demonstration. Gypsy, one of the dealers, later sees Father Alfonso leading a drug protest near his dealing spot.

Conte tells the Alliance that they cannot wage war against the church. He orders Gypsy to close his Monterosa dealing spot and instructs each dealer to give Gypsy money while they find another spot. Scianel proposes they all buy drugs together at the same bulk price rather than let Conte profit both from bulk pricing and resales. Conte dares them to find drugs from someone else at a better price. Ciro agrees with Conte to his face but later tells the Alliance that Conte is just waiting for them to screw up. He urges them to cooperate with Conte until the right moment arrives.

In the car, Conte complains to Prince and Mulatto about working with the Alliance. He vows to kill the first person to cause trouble.

Conte attends a party for the baptism. Nina sings at the party and flirts with him during her performance.

Conte lies in bed fully clothed with Nina. She begs him to make love and removes her shirt, but he covers her up and kisses her. Conte leaves Nina’s building with her sister, Renata, who acts as his girlfriend in public to hide his relationship with a transsexual.

Conte dines with his mother. She asks to meet the girl who he’s rumored to be seeing.

Conte watches a news report about Father Alfonso’s drug protests.

Prince cuts cocaine at Conte’s warehouse. He instructs Mulatto to buy a gift for Conte’s birthday party that night.

Renata accompanies Conte to his birthday party. At the party, Nina surprises Conte with a birthday serenade. Mulatto mocks her transsexuality and makes lewd gestures. The party guests laugh. Nina runs off. Renata glares at Conte and runs after Nina to comfort her. Conte stabs Mulatto in the hand.

Mulatto apologizes to Conte for making fun of his girlfriend’s sister. Conte gives Mulatto’s dealing spot to Prince as punishment.

Ciro tells the Alliance that it’s time to move against Conte. He meets with Prince and Mulatto to convince them to betray Conte, saying Conte is getting richer than everyone else.

Mulatto calls Ciro to tell him that Conte will be at a religious procession that evening. He says Conte intends to kill Ciro at the procession but suggests they kill Conte first. Conte quietly sits beside Mulatto during the entire conversation. He gives Mulatto his dealing spot back to reward him for his loyalty.

Conte tries to apologize to Nina but Renata sends him away forever. Nina cries in bed.

Ciro, Prince and Mulatto meet Conte at a church after he attends the procession. Mulatto brandishes his knife at Ciro but at the last minute turns the knife on Conte, slashing him in the throat. Conte dies.

Patrizia sells Scianel a dress at the shop where she works. Marinella, Scianel’s daughter-in-law, privately complains to Patrizia about Scianel.

Two men hijack one of Scianel’s delivery cars and steal the drugs inside. Scianel vows revenge at an Alliance meeting but Ciro advises her to keep calm.

Pietro informs Genny that he is returning to Secondigliano to sow chaos within the Alliance, now that Conte is dead. Genny cautions Pietro against acting too soon. Pietro ignores the advice and tells Genny to stay away from Naples.

Malamore informs Patrizia, his niece, that the Alliance chaos is going to worsen. He asks for her help bringing Pietro back so that they can keep the chaos under control.

After much thought, Patrizia agrees to help Malamore but vows to kill him if anything happens to her siblings. She alerts Malamore that Scianel will be at a gambling den the following day.

Scianel and Marinella visit Lelluccio in prison. Lelluccio lusts after Marinella. Afterwards, Scianel tells her bodyguard, Mario, to drop her off and take Marinella home.

Scianel plays poker at a gambling den and dumps a pile of cash in the pot. Masked men storm the den and take Scianel’s money.

Marinella and Mario make love in secret. Scianel calls Mario to say she’s been robbed. Later at the shop, Marinella tells Patrizia that Scianel is out for the robbers’ blood.

Malamore shows Patrizia a secret room in the tenement apartment where Pietro will be hiding out. He instructs her to bring Pietro news and necessities from the outside world, in exchange for 1,000 euros a week.

Pietro visits Imma’s grave. Malamore introduces him to Patrizia and they travel to the hideout via sewers.

A local boy tells Scianel the identity of her robber.

Patrizia delivers coffee to Pietro. He mocks a lioness tattoo on her arm.

Ciro and Prince try to track down Angelo, the robber, before Scianel kills him. Scianel brings Angelo to a remote location and lights him on fire. Ciro and Prince arrive just in time to save Angelo. Ciro promises to let Angelo live if he divulges who he was working for. Angelo tells them that Pietro Savastano is back.

Patrizia informs Pietro that there is tension within the Alliance.

Ciro tells the Alliance that Pietro purposefully attacked Scianel because he knew she would react aggressively. He says Pietro is trying to create mayhem among them in order to rack up deaths — thus attracting police and blocking the dealing spots. He tells O’Nano to call Malamore to discuss peace.

Patrizia burns off her tattoo with a hot spoon. At the hideout, Patrizia informs Pietro that the Alliance wants to strike a deal — with Genny, not with him.

In Rome, Genny receives a phone call. “Okay,” he says.

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