Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

Gomorrah Recap: Episode 201/202 (United States of Secondigliano/Exile)


Medics rush Genny Savastano to the hospital, in critical condition but alive.

Malamore takes Don Pietro Savastano to a warehouse, where Pietro learns that Genny has been shot.

At Salvatore Conte’s hideout, Ciro Di Marzio assures Conte that Genny will die from his wounds but advises they move fast in light of Pietro’s escape. He proposes they call a meeting to flip all of Pietro’s associates to their side, offering each person an autonomous dealing spot with drugs supplied by Conte. Conte agrees.

At home, Ciro counts a stash of cash and grows angry when he comes up short. Debora tells Ciro that the Savastano clan will surely send someone to kill her and their daughter, Maria Rita, in retaliation for killing Imma Savastano and shooting Genny. Ciro assures Debora that she’s safe.

Ciro sits on the beach with Rosario O’Nano and vows to come up with the money to secure a spot with Conte.

Ciro and O’Nano hijack an armored bank vehicle. Ciro forces the driver to take him to the bank and give him cash from a safe. When a security guard grows suspicious, Ciro shoots him and the driver dead.

Debora tells Ciro that the police have summoned her as a witness to Genny’s shooting. Ciro orders her to tell police that he wasn’t in Naples at the time of the shooting. Debora continues to worry over the family’s safety but Ciro promises that everything will be fine.

At the station, a police detective shows Debora an eyewitness sketch of the shooter and remarks on the resemblance to Ciro. Debora insists that Ciro was not at the recital where the shooting occurred.

Ciro convinces Antonio Capiano to confess to shooting Genny. In return, he will pay 6,000 euros per month to provide for Antonio’s family. Ciro orders Padre Letizia to tell police that he saw Antonio shoot Genny. Police arrest Antonio.

Conte, Ciro and Pietro’s former dealers gather to discuss a new alliance. The dealers each place 400,000 euros on the table in order to claim a spot selling Conte’s drugs. Ciro promises that everyone will receive a share of Conte’s drugs and can then pocket the profits. “No master,” says Ciro.

Pietro asks his men to act as his eyes and ears in Naples while he goes into hiding. He vows to take back everything that belongs to them.

Ciro drops Debora and Maria Rita off at their city apartment and once again assures Debora that they are safe. Gripped with fear, Debora keeps a close eye on Maria Rita as she plays in the courtyard.

Malamore and his men go to Pietro’s secret arsenal only to find it’s been ransacked by Ciro and Conte.

Debora packs her bags at the beachside house and begs Ciro to take her and Maria Rita far away from Naples. When Ciro refuses, Debora sneaks away from her bodyguard and takes a bus to the police station. O’Nano urges Ciro to find Debora in case she talks to police.

Debora goes to the police station but decides at the last minute to turn around. One of Ciro’s men sees her outside the station and informs Ciro that she went to the police.

Ciro takes Debora out to dinner. He tries to rekindle her feelings for him by reminding her of how far they have come, but Debora remains angry. As they walk on the beach, Debora grows agitated about their dangerous predicament. Ciro tries to calm her down but ends up choking her to death. He cries and kisses her dead body.

Ciro burns Debora’s body in an empty warehouse.

Conte and his dealers toast to a new alliance. Ciro quietly leaves.

At the hospital, Ciro collects the personal items that were found on Debora’s body. He cries as he leaves the hospital.

Doctors check on Genny’s medical condition and find that he is getting better. An associate texts Pietro to update him on Genny’s condition.

A year later, Genny has become one of the top cocaine dealers in Honduras. At a hideout in the jungle, he orders a captive Honduran army captain to hack a fellow officer to death. He captures the murder on video and hands it over to local drug traffickers.

Genny returns to Italy and checks into a hotel run by one of his customers, Giuseppe Avitabile. Avitabile tries to convince Genny to give him an exclusive deal on his cocaine but Genny insists that his drugs remain on the free market.

Genny goes to an auto body shop near Naples and digs up a stash of plastic bottles filled with diamonds. He flies to Cologne, Germany, and reunites with Don Pietro, who has been in hiding for the past year. Pietro and Genny sell the diamonds to Mico Scarfioti in exchange for guns.

At home, Genny warns Pietro that, according to his sources in the drug world, there is a contract out on Mico. He advises Pietro to procure drugs from someone else. Pietro points out that there are very few people willing to deal with them, since they have no funds and their men are under investigation by police. Pietro accuses Genny of bringing down his hard-earned empire. Genny reminds Pietro that he had gone to him for help but began acting on his own when Pietro went crazy. He continues that if Pietro hadn’t pretended to be crazy, Imma would still be alive. Pietro grabs Genny and says that acting crazy was his only way out of prison.

The next morning, Pietro takes a number of medications in his bathroom. Genny serves him breakfast.

Mico takes Pietro and Genny to a quarry where his firearms are stashed. He gives them their guns.

Pietro closes the deal at Mico’s restaurant. Genny pulls Pietro aside and warns him that he just received a tip that rivals are on their way to kill Mico. Moments later, men shoot up the restaurant, killing Mico and his associates. Pietro and Genny escape but are later spotted by police while fleeing a road block.

As they run from the cops, Pietro falls to his knees, unable to go further. Genny picks him up and hides him in the woods. He hijacks a car, kills the driver, and escapes with Pietro. He drives to an empty warehouse and builds a fire while Pietro rests.

The next morning, Pietro calls one of his men to come pick him up. He tells Genny that he must act alone from now on but assures Genny that his time will come.

Genny gets in his car and honks the horn in frustration.

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