Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

“GOMORRAH” Recap: Part 6 (100 Ways to Kill)


Genny (Salvatore Esposito), Imma (Maria Pia Calzone) and much of the Savastano clan and the surrounding community attend Danielino’s funeral. The priest performing the service delivers a passionate eulogy railing against the influence of organized crime on the local youth and blaming Danielino’s death on the gangsters.

Genny declares war against Conte (Marco Palvetti). Genny’s godfather, Zecchinetta, dares to question Genny in front of his men, suggesting Genny’s newfound aggression is responsible for the Savastano clan’s spate of bad business. Genny sends some of the younger gangsters to kill Zecchinetta, hoping to make an example of his godfather after Ciro (Marco D’Amore) points out that some of the older men seemed to listen to Zecchinetta.

The old guard is shocked by Zecchinetta’s murder and meets amongst themselves to talk, weighing their loyalty to Don Pietro against Genny’s megalomania. Some of them attend a meeting of various local drug lords Conte is trying to organize into an anti-Savastano collective. Ciro claims he’ll try to talk Genny into seeing things their way and calculatedly sends older gangster Carlo to talk to his young nephew, Tonino Spiderman.

The two hotheads immediately get in a stand-off, with Carlo slapping Tonino and Tonino holding a gun to Carlo’s head in front of the men, further widening the rift. Meanwhile, Ciro tells Genny that the older guys met with Conte.

Genny visits his father in prison. Don Pietro is non-responsive.

Over night the young men terrorize each of the older gangsters. The older men retaliate by killing Tonino Spiderman.

Genny tells Imma that Pietro has lost his mind. Imma gives Genny news of the havoc and she counsels him to tell the men Don Pietro ordered him to make peace among the clan. Genny calls a clan meeting and preaches unity, taking responsibility for the violence. The older faction suspects that Genny may just be buying time and, at Ciro’s suggestion, decides to pursue an alliance with Conte.

Bruno’s mother gives Imma a voicemail sent by Bruno which records Ciro abducting and attacking Manu. Imma meets with Ciro and threatens to release the tape, insisting that Ciro arrange an ambush to kill Conte and then flee from Naples with his own family. Imma calls Ciro a monster and accuses him of having no emotions. Ciro retorts that the one feeling that’s kept him going over the years is hatred for Imma.

Ciro’s men kill Imma as soon as she leaves the meeting. Ciro meets with Conte and assures him the Savastanos are history.

Prison authorities inform Pietro of Imma’s death, but Pietro has no apparent reaction.

Genny is given a copy of the voicemail. He listens to it and realizes the extent of Ciro’s betrayal.

Ciro flees Imma’s memorial service after noticing that Genny’s friends are absent. They chase Ciro and his family but he escapes. Then Genny’s friends pick off the remaining members of the old guard one by one. Malammore is shot but manages to escape with his family.

Genny’s paranoid men accidentally kill a dog scratching at the door of their safe-house. Genny gives the dog’s owner a video game console as an apology.

Genny puts a massive bounty on Ciro’s head. Ciro meets with Conte, who threatens to kill him. Ciro calls Conte’s bluff and points out that Conte wanted war too, insisting that only Ciro himself is in a position to take out Genny and the rest of the Savastano men.

A man eager to claim the bounty tells Genny that Ciro’s daughter sings in a choir with his own child and that the girls’ end-of-the-year performance is coming up.

Genny takes the boy whose dog was killed under his wing, over the kid’s mother’s objections, and warns his would-be protege never to trust anyone.

Conte’s men ambush Genny’s friends on the way to the performance and kill them, but note that Genny is not among them.

Ciro gets word of Genny’s absence and realizes Genny must be coming separately. He has his wife hurry his daughter off the stage and waits in the crowd for Genny.

Arriving at the church where the performance is being held, Genny tells the boy to wait for him and heads into the crowd. He makes eye contact with Ciro and Ciro fearlessly shoots Genny in the head, narrowly missing both audience members and the children’s choir itself.

As Ciro flees the scene, his wife Debora is horrified by his actions and runs away with their daughter. “Genny Savastano is dead,” Ciro announces to his crew. “Now only Pietro is left.”

Elsewhere, van transporting Pietro from prison to a mental institution is attacked on the road. The guards are killed and Pietro is taken out. The attackers reveal themselves to be Malammore and other men still loyal to Pietro, who spirit him away.

Genny’s hand twitches in the empty church, suggesting that he is still alive.

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