Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

“GOMORRAH” Recap: Part 3 (The Roar of the Lioness)


The Savastano’s money manager Franco Musi secretly makes a daring investment, buying a controlling interest in a valuable company whose price is at an all-time low. Borrowing from the Savastano’s government bonds to make the transaction, Musi plans a future with his pregnant wife and a lavish party for his beloved stepdaughter.

Genny (Salvatore Esposito) and Imma (Maria Pia Calzone) visit Pietro (Fortunato Cerlino) and find him in good health. Pietro tells them to liquidate the government bonds immediately to free up all their cash. Ciro (Marco D’Amore) and Imma pass the orders on to Musi and grow suspicious as he stalls, panicking and offering a colleague his new acquisition at no profit to pay back the Savastanos.

Ciro warns Genny the men are getting unruly and Pietro has to pass the command down to Genny since Pietro can no longer give orders from solitary.

Noemi grows impatient with Genny’s capitulations to his mother. Genny charms Noemi with expensive gifts despite his family’s uncertain financial situation, in turn frustrating Imma.

Genny echoes Ciro’s advice on succession to his mother. Imma asks who gave Genny the idea and grows suspicious of Ciro’s motives when Genny admits it was he.

After the potential buyer does due diligence, Musi’s new company turns out to be a worthless sham. Musi tries to use the money to bribe the auditor evaluating his company, eventually threatening him with his Savastano connections and leaving a large amount of cash in the man’s car. The Savastanos immediately bail Musi out and, terrified of the Savastanos’ revenge, Musi is taken to Imma. Imma promises that Musi’s family will be provided for if he puts an end to the government’s investigation. Musi jumps out a window to his death during his stepdaughter’s birthday party.

Imma tells Genny that only she can visit Pietro in solitary after that first visit. Pietro expresses trust in Ciro and Genny and tells Imma to hand the reigns over to the new regime. Instead, back in the car, Imma tells Ciro that Pietro ordered Ciro to go to Spain to make peace with Salvatore Conte (Marco Palvetti).

Ciro heads nervously to Spain, fearful of a violent reception from Conte and considering the assignment yet another suicide mission ordered by Don Pietro.

Meanwhile, Imma convinces Genny to fly to Honduras and stay in the protection of a local cartel as collateral for a major drug deal the Savastanos are setting up. As Genny heads off he breaks up with Noemi after seeing through to her materialistic nature.

In Spain, Ciro is taken to Conte, who takes Ciro out on his yacht into the middle of the sea. Conte disarms Ciro and holds a knife to his throat, shouting that he knows Ciro set his place on fire, endangering him and his beloved mother. Ciro doesn’t deny it, but points out that he was following orders. Conte throws Ciro overboard and motors away, leaving Ciro struggling to stay afloat in his soaked clothes with no land or ships in sight. Eventually a speedboat sent by Conte returns for Ciro and helps him out of the water.

Later that night Conte meets Ciro at a club. Conte rejects the idea of partnering with Don Pietro, against whom he harbors many grudges, but Ciro convinces Conte that Pietro’s reign is over, Genny can be manipulated and a partnership could be mutually beneficial.

Conte heads to the bathroom mulling Ciro’s proposal and a Russian thug working for local gangster Emerenko follows Conte to warn him to capitulate to Emerenko’s demands. Ciro joins them and watches as Conte has the Russian beaten and then pisses in his face. Later that evening, as Ciro and Conte negotiate, both receive minor injuries when Emerenko’s men shoot up Conte’s hideout.

Conte makes Ciro an offer: if Ciro can successfully negotiate a peaceful arrangement with Emerenko, Conte will accept Ciro’s proposal.

Ciro negotiates with the psychotic Eremenko, who forces Ciro to play Russian roulette with half the chambers in his revolver loaded, but agrees to Ciro’s terms when he survives.

Pietro’s lawyer tells Imma that Pietro is very angry about her misrepresentation of his wishes. She visits Pietro in prison and points out that she has been with him in building his empire every step of the way and he is not able to act as leader in his current state. Pietro begrudgingly accepts her authority.

When he gets back home, Ciro is furious to learn that Genny is mysteriously away and Imma is in control.

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