Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

“GOMORRAH” Recap: Part 2 (The Mother and Home)


Don Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino) is sent to prison to await trial, where the warden assures Pietro he won’t receive special treatment. Ciro (Marco D’Amore) has a bought guard smuggle Pietro a cellphone and Pietro calls his men, giving orders on a dispute with some low level drug suppliers and assuring the clan that he’s still in control.

Guards discover the phone and the warden punishes Pietro by sending him for a short stay in solitary confinement. After his release, Pietro retaliates by inciting protests during which prisoners throughout the facility throw trash out of their cells or bang against their bars.

Imma (Maria Pia Calzone) and Genny (Salvatore Esposito), who escaped from his crash with minor injuries, visit Pietro in prison. Pietro tells them to go to Franco Musi, the family’s financial advisor, and liquidate a large amount of Savastano assets.

Gennaro visits Musi, who suggests that they invest the money in highly secure government bonds instead of cash to continue gathering interest. Gennaro reluctantly agrees, but flaunts his power to Musi by driving wildly around his parking lot. An admiring Ciro tells Gennaro that together, the two of them will be unstoppable.

Ciro makes a call to arrange a date between Gennaro and Noemi, the girl Gennaro started trouble with Casavatore over. Gennaro wows Noemi by hosting a lavish private concert featuring a popular Italian singer and dedicating the event to her. After the show, Gennaro brings Noemi home, angering Imma, and brushes off her rebukes by reminding Imma that his father called him “the man of the house” during their prison visit.

African-Italian drug kingpin Chukwu Igbo sends his trusted lieutenant Tokumbo to propose a mutually beneficial deal to Don Pietro. Tokumbo intentionally gets himself arrested and approaches Pietro in prison. Pietro brushes off Tokumbo’s attempts to start talks with racist slurs.

On the outside, tension between Igbo’s men and Savastano’s grows as both crews flex their muscles and threaten each other. Imma and Gennaro both visit Pietro and try to get him to bend, pointing out that they have enough problems to deal with without making trouble with the Africans, but Pietro remains inflexible. After Tokumbo makes a final offer, Pietro has one of his cohort stab one of Tokumbo’s men in the prison yard. Tokumbo retaliates by brutally slashing one of Pietro’s men. The warden puts two and two together and punishes Pietro for the spike in violence with a long stretch in solitary. Meanwhile, more Savastano associates are shanked.

Once out of solitary, Pietro has his men burst a pipe to create a flood and manages to get himself temporarily reassigned to Tokumbo’s cell. Pietro offers Tokumbo a deal in exchange for helping him pull off a plan the next day.

The next day, the Savastanos and the Africans, secretly working together, mount a full-scale riot, taking over the prison, taking guards hostage and starting fires. Pietro watches with relish as the warden pleads for peace and finally ends the riot with a single, silent gesture, finally demonstrating the extent of his power to the warden. The warden seems to capitulate to Pietro’s authority and has Tokumbo transferred out of the prison at Pietro’s demand.

Ciro gives their man inside another phone to pass off to Pietro and Pietro calls his men, giving them explicit orders to expand their drug operation throughout the region. Speaking to Ciro alone, Pietro says they must deal with the Africans once and for all.

On Pietro’s orders, Ciro heads to the predominantly African-Italian neighborhood where Igbo and his men are based, taking Gennaro along as getaway driver. Ciro massacres Igbo’s men and innocent bystanders alike. Imma sees Gennaro being sick after the violence and tells her son he must toughen up.

The Savastano men tell Igbo to toe the line from now on, warning that if he flouts Savastano authority again he will be targeted personally.

The warden unexpectedly serves Don Pietro with new charges. After secretly flipping the Savastanos’ inside man, the warden had Pietro’s cell bugged, meaning he’s on record ordering both the expansion of the drug trade and the horrific attack on the Africans. As a result, Pietro will be transferred to indefinite solitary confinement in a maximum security facility. Pietro begs his long-time attorney to find a way out, explaining that if he’s stuck in solitary where he can’t give orders to the outside, his reign is effectively finished. The lawyer tells Pietro there is nothing he can do.

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