Starring Marco D'Amore, Fortunato Cerlino and Salvatore Esposito

“GOMORRAH” Recap: Part 1 (The Clan Savastano)


Ciro Di Marzio (Marco D’Amore), an orphaned lieutenant in Naples’s Camorra crime family, gripes to fellow mafioso Attilio about their boss’s latest risky plan. The boss, Don Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino), has sent Ciro and Attilio to set fire to the house where powerful drug supplier Salvatore Conte (Marco Palvetti) is dining with his aging mother, to warn Conte to stop flouting Don Pietro’s orders and stick to selling marijuana exclusively. Conte manages to escape the blaze with himself and his mother unharmed as Don Pietro intended.

Ciro and Attilio relax the next day with their wives and children. When Ciro visits a local cafe that serves as a Savastano front, a masked gunman working for Conte blows the place up. Ciro miraculously survives the blast, earning his nickname, “The Immortal”, once again.

Pietro tells his men to assassinate Conte at the fortress-like warehouse complex where Conte is holed up. Ciro complains that he knew Conte would retaliate instead of falling in line, that the plan of attack is suicidal and that he thinks Don Pietro’s getting old. Attilio warns Ciro to hush that talk before it gets back to Pietro. Pietro’s twenty-something son Gennaro “Genny” Savastano (Salvatore Esposito), who looks up to Ciro, begs Ciro to bring him along to Conte’s to show Pietro that Gennaro is ready for action. Ciro declines.

A frustrated Gennaro aggressively hits on a girl named Noemi at a club, shoving her date aside violently, until his friend pulls him away and reminds him they’re not on their own turf.

Ciro, Attilio and four other Savastano men invade Conte’s compound at night and manage to kill all of Conte’s men, though Conte himself is not found. Attilio is shot and dies in Ciro’s arms, making Ciro and one other Savastano gunman the firefight’s only survivors.

Outside the club Gennaro finds his expensive motorcycle dismantled by mob-affiliated friends of the man he messed with.

Ciro tells Don Pietro the mission’s results and Pietro is satisfied with Conte’s disappearance, though he apologizes to Ciro for Attilio’s death. Ciro gives Attilio’s wife the news and she tells him she never wants to see him again.

Don Pietro sends a man to pick up a cocaine shipment and finds the location surrounded by police. Pietro concludes that one of his men must have turned informant and tells them all to keep an eye out for the rat, growing suspicious when he learns that an absent Savastano man, Bookie, was recently questioned by police.

Word gets back that Gennaro retaliated for the destruction of his motorcycle by drunkenly graffitiing a disrespectful message about neighboring boss Casavatore on his own turf. Pietro and Gennaro pay Casavatore a visit and try to make peace, but Casavatore insists Gennaro must personally scrub the graffiti off in public, an unacceptable loss of face. Pietro immediately decides they must kill Casavatore.

Pietro privately asks Ciro to take Gennaro under his wing and bring him on an easy mission to make his first kill. Pietro explains that he’s concerned Gennaro won’t be ready to succeed Pietro as boss in the event of Pietro’s death or imprisonment. Ciro doesn’t deny that Gennaro doesn’t command the respect of the Savastano men.

Ciro takes Gennaro out to kill a cornered past-due debtor. Gennaro shoots the man non-fatally but is too startled to continue, so Ciro finishes the debtor off with a couple shots to the head. Both agree to tell Pietro that Gennaro killed the victim himself. Gennaro tells his father he killed the man with a single shot and Pietro is pleased, buying Gennaro an even nicer new motorcycle.

Two Savastano men execute Casavatore, but Bookie, who was ordered to help, is mysteriously absent. Pietro visits Bookie’s apartment and questions him, concludes that he’s the rat, beats Bookie to death and burns the evidence himself.

Pietro tells his men about Bookie and holds Ciro behind to question him about Gennaro’s first kill. Ciro describes the three shots that were used to finish the guy off and Pietro catches him in the lie. Ciro explains the deceit. As a show of power, Pietro pisses in a wineglass and forces Ciro to drink it.

Taking his new motorcycle for a drunken joyride, Gennaro gets in a serious accident.

Pietro learns from a police department contact that the rat has tipped the cops off again. Meanwhile, Ciro prepares to make a call from a payphone to the authorities, revealing himself to the viewers as the informant.

Pietro gets word of Gennaro’s accident and speeds toward the hospital. When police pull him over, they search the car and discover large amounts of cash. After finding a small amount of cocaine in Pietro’s borrowed jacket, they move to arrest him. Pietro tries to bribe the officers with the cash, but they carry out the arrest.

Ciro and the rest of the Savastano men join Pietro’s wife, Immacolata “Lady Imma” Savastano (Maria Pia Calzone) at the hospital, where Gennaro’s condition is unknown, and inform Imma of Pietro’s arrest.

In the chaos surrounding the Savastano family, Ciro burns the slip of paper with the contact information for the police.

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