10 Gifs That Will Remind You Why You Love “Goodfellas”

Drug dealers, informers and wiseguys… we love a mob movie. And one of the best mob movies of them all? Undoubtedly, Goodfellas. In honor of one of our favorite mafia flicks, here’s the 10 Goodfellas scenes we can’t forget. SundanceTV is airing Goodfellas, Wed, Aug. 24th at 7/6c. And for an extra dosage of the mob drama, stay tuned for the premiere of SundanceTV’s all new drama GOMORRAH Wednesday, Aug 24th at 10/9c.

1. Henry makes his mom cry when he becomes a wise guy:

2. Karen confronts Henry for cheating:

3. Paulie’s incredible garlic slicing skills:

4. Henry defends Karen’s honor:

5. Basically all of Tommy’s tantrums:

6. Tommy’s untimely assassination:

7. Tommy and Jimmy’s fatal beat down:

8. Jimmy’s murdering spree:

9. Henry’s rock bottom:

10. Jimmy discovers that Tommy got whacked: