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Will They Stay or Will They Go?

It was a hell of a week on Dream School. When this whole project started, I wondered if all the kids would stick with it – or what would happen if things hit the skids. And this week, we found out. Kyle opted to leave in the most infuriating, sad way – walking out because he didn’t want to deal with his self-admitted anger management issue. But what killed me was his Dad let him. The dad – a former Marine – is so wracked with guilt over the issues Kyle and his brother Sean have due to their parents’ divorce, he kowtows to Kyle… when what Kyle really needs is a good kick in the pants. Or an actual Marine.

And the worst is, Kyle even seems to know this. At one point in the episode he says, “I consider myself a loser…” And if that is what he thinks about himself – and if all his actions stem from that proclamation, then what is his Dad thinking letting him walk away. Instead of holding him there by his collar and not letting him act like the loser he feels. Who lets a 16 year old kid decide if he wants to go to school or therapy? He’s a minor – he shouldn’t have a say… right?

So frustrating.

And then there was Tyla.

Who really didn’t like Suze Orman. Probably because Suze Orman cut the crap immediately and got to the heart of Tyla’s issues. Tyla’s real response (as opposed to her mumbled answers to Suze) was to not show up at school the next day.
I think Suze said it best in our interview after the show when she said:

Not sure what this player is used for, but we’re now using it for the Mammas e-Card. — mikecags, 5/1/13 16:41

And then there’s Alan. During Doriana’s class at Le Petite Cirque while listening to the song the kids composed with Swizz Beatz, Alan flipped when he heard his portion of the song – and completely shut down. This wasn’t the first time he’s done that (remember the basket over his head in Soledad’s class?). While the others were having a great time doing acrobatics, Alan sat in a corner, completely shut off.

Not sure what this player is used for, but we’re now using it for the Mammas e-Card. — mikecags, 5/1/13 16:41

But, unlike Kyle or Tyla, I’m optimistic about Alan because while he does have a tendency to freak out and shut down, he didn’t run away. He ended up not just participating but being so good at the class that, according to Doriana, he got a scholarship to Le Petite Cirque. Because sometimes it’s just about showing up and sticking it out.

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