"A winning docuseries."Entertainment Weekly
Dream School
A SundanceTV Original Series
Produced by Jamie Oliver and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson
Celebrities, journalists, filmmakers, musicians, politicians, scientists, actors and artists will face their biggest challenge ever – to break through to high school dropouts. These kids are no fools and won’t go along easy.

Executive produced by Jamie Oliver and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, Dream School asks, "What does it take to break through to teenagers and get them to graduate?" Pregnant, neglected or bullied; the students all have one thing in common – each had a life experience that caused them to take and unexpected left turn. Dream School’s celebrity teachers will have one mission – to excite these young minds, reignite their passions, and get them to graduate from a real, accredited high school. From Soledad O’Brien to Suze Orman, Oliver Stone, Swizz Beatz, Jeff Corwin, David Arquette, Jesse Jackson and more – the faculty is famous and successful, and each is an expert in their field. But how will they perform as teachers to some of America’s toughest high school dropouts? Will they succeed and change the course of these kids' lives? Or will they get schooled by a group of students who are unimpressed and unwilling to follow even basic school rules?
Episode 1
Fifteen high school drop outs receive a last chance to get back into the education system. Dream School’s 50 Cent and David Arquette introduce the kids to their new school and get to know them on a personal level. Presented by Sundance Channel in HD.
Episode 2
Principal Dr. Keller brings inspirational celebrities Soledad O’Brien, Doriana Sanchez and Jeff Corwin to intervene in poor test grades. The kids are led through an emotional exercise, while a few remain unreachable. Presented by Sundance Channel in HD.
Episode 3
If the students wish to succeed, all personal problems must be put aside at Dream School. Dr. Mae Jemison, Fabien Cousteau, Swizz Beatz, and Cliff Dorfman take the kids out of their comfort zone and help them get real. Presented by Sundance Channel in HD.
Episode 4
It’s half-way through Dream School and some students have reached a crisis point. Suze Orman, Roy Choi, Oliver Stone and Doriana Sanchez push the class towards the finish line. But will all 15 kids make it? Presented by Sundance Channel in HD.
Episode 5
Dr. Mae Jemison and Soledad O’Brien return to finish up their courses, while the last celeb teachers bring their talents and enthusiasm to the school. Can Dream School succeed where traditional education did not? Presented by Sundance Channel in HD.
Episode 6
It's the last week of Dream School, and everyone's working toward one goal: graduation. Emotions run high, and there are plenty of tears when the kids get their final results. Who will make it to graduation? Presented by Sundance Channel in HD.