A gripping coming-of-age story and spy thriller set in Germany in the ‘80s.

“DEUTSCHLAND 83″ Recap: Episode 108 (Able Archer)


Stamm listens to radio reports of the nationwide manhunt for him in progress, which is blocking his way across the East German border.

Generals Jackson and Edel move on to the second phase of Able Archer.

Schweppenstette and his KGB superiors are informed that the West has started using a new, encrypted radio frequency.

Back at Ingrid’s house, Annett dodges Yvonne’s questions about her living situation and her child’s father. Eventually they go to sleep.

An internal military intelligence agent grills Edel for more info on Stamm. Edel curses Stamm for his deceit, but passes along Stamm’s warning about Soviet paranoia. When Edel explains that Stamm voluntarily blew his own cover to expose the truth, the agent finally starts to take it seriously.

Lenora is informed of Stamm’s actions. She tells Schweppenstette what Stamm did and even her boss is alarmed.

Stamm sneaks into the back of a family’s car and crosses the border as a stowaway.

Annett calls Schweppenstette to tell him Ingrid’s missing and Yvonne is at home.

Stamm flees from the family he rode with when they stop for a bathroom break.

Yvonne finds a photo of Annett with Stamm and flees Ingrid’s, but too late: Schweppenstette’s men catch her.

Ingrid visits Schweppenstette’s office, confessing that she knew about Thomas’ secret library and is equally complicit in his crime. Schweppenstette refuses to show leniency to Thomas, and Ingrid retorts that he can explain her own imprisonment to her sister and son. Schweppenstette is furious, asking her to leave her—no, their—son out of it, revealing himself as Stamm’s (Martin’s) father.

Stamm makes it home and warns Annett she has to go into hiding. He races upstairs to tell his mother and finds Yvonne tied up in her room. Stamm asks Yvonne what’s going on, but she won’t answer, except to tell him his mom didn’t come home last night.

Schweppenstette’s man enters to take Yvonne and Stamm knocks him out with a surprise attack. Annett tries to stop Stamm from freeing Yvonne, and Stamm is forced to tie both the man and Annett to his kitchen table.

The internal affairs agent questions Alex, back home on suspension after his insubordinate act with the protestors, about Stamm, whom Alex describes as “loyal” and “honest.” The man reveals that Stamm is a spy, devastating Alex.

Stamm delivers a shaken Yvonne to the West German embassy and apologizes for her trauma.

Ingrid returns home and reprimands Annett for getting involved with the spymasters, telling her she’s secured Thomas’ release. Annett is horrified. Ingrid tells Annett she knew about the books and that Schweppenstette would have prevented her arrest because of his relationship to her son.

Both sides ready nuclear missiles: NATO as part of the simulation, the Soviets for what they think is a real attack. Rauch continues to try to persuade higher-ups to consider Stamm’s warnings. Schweppenstette’s colleague confronts him about the doctored NATO report, telling Schweppenstette his deceit will be punished.

Stamm heads to Schweppenstette’s office and demands a meeting. When armed guards come after him, he flees and makes it to the conference room where Schweppenstette and Rauch are meeting with their KGB superiors. Stamm makes an impassioned speech to the assembled top brass and finally manages to convince them that Able Archer is just a test, averting nuclear war.

Edel returns home to find a note from his wife Ursula—she’s left him to live with her sister for the time being.

Alex gets tested for HIV.

Schweppenstette releases Thomas into the West to start over. Tischbier greets him and tells him, “Welcome to the free world.”

Alex goes home, where he stares out the window emptily. A gunshot rings out.

Stamm finds his mother burning leaves back at home. He stares into the fire as his mother goes inside and he prepares to join both her and Annett in the house.

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